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DANI FELT: Recording Artist, TV Producer and Music Entreprenuer

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Dani Felt’s superpower is connecting you to where you’re meant to go and who you’re meant to be.With the world as your stage, it’s time to be your own director and step into your spotlight. Dani Felt reinvents what it means to be a successful professional.  Amplify your brand with Dani Felt. She offers a customized branding experience, merged with creative consulting. With over 10 years in the industry, Dani uses her background to develop personalized brand strategies – evaluating each persons goals and projected potential.  Amplify your brand and drive your career forward with Dani Felt and her team. Dani  focuses on capturing your vision and tunes into your unique aesthetic. Ten years ago starting out, Dani was a singer-songwriter searching for information and support. She quickly realized there weren’t enough heart-centered coaches or consultants in the industry who understood what creative professionals really wanted and needed, so she set out to develop it.Create powerful relationships & solidify your direction and career with Dani Felt.Dani will help you get clear on what you want and where you want to go.

Dani Felt: A Powerhouse in Music, TV, and Business Consultation. With over 13 years of industry experience, Dani is a highly sought-after consultant who knows the ins and outs of the music world

With a blog boasting 300+ interviews with independent artists and music executives, Dani's passion evolved into curating entertainment showcases and events in the vibrant city of NYC. Soon after, her expertise led her to excel in A&R for management companies and labels.

.Connect with her today to unlock your creative potential.

Driven by a passion for creative problem-solving and innovation, Dani joined forces with AI expert and savvy business strategist Nick Caster. Together, they formed NC1, a powerhouse consultancy offering cutting-edge solutions and transformative strategies for businesses. With Dani's exceptional leadership skills and knack for assembling top-tier teams, combined with Nick's visionary approach to business and mastery of AI technology, NC1 is dedicated to revolutionizing the way organizations thrive in the modern era.

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Business Strategist

Bring your business to the next level with Dani’s business coaching. She will combine her strong intuition, connections and 15 years of experience to help you have massive success in your career.


"Dani has always been a networking butterfly. Since the day we made our acquaintance 14 years ago to being reconnected now, she has only grown stronger wings and brought together more talented people. From hiring me to co-write and produce one of her latest singles, to allowing me to embarrass myself in front of a camera for a tv show pilot, Dani has continued to introduce me to people along the way that have both challenged and lifted me to a better place than I was before. Her spirits are bright and her intentions are good. I encourage you to take flight with this butterfly and see what magic is in store for you." Dave Dones

"Dani is helping me achieve my financial goals with music with her Music Money Making session! After the first call I feel both ready to proceed having a solid plan/strategy, as well as a mindset shift around earning from my music work! I am so excited to start this journey – thank you Dani for your great insights!” Kristen Merritt

"She helped me totally transform the way I was seeing so many things. Without realizing it I had built up a lot of limiting beliefs. I felt like if I didn’t keep releasing a bunch of new music and spend a ton of money on videos and promotion, people would forget about me. I felt like I only had till I was 30 to make it in the music industry. I felt like getting another job would allow no time in my schedule for music and that I wouldn’t be able to continue. I thought I had to work nonstop and sacrifice my social life. She not only gave me business tips about releasing content that wouldn’t cost me thousands of dollars, but she helped me change my perspective on all of these issues." Brina Kay

"Dani takes a more spiritual approach to coaching, and it can be so helpful if you are going through difficult times! She was just what I needed when I decided to find a coach. She also has a wide network of music industry people on call for all of your needs! If you need to build your brand and move your career forward, give Dani a call!” Andi Jane

"In the music biz there are ways to keep clients coming back and Dani checks all the marks. Communication, helpfulness, attentiveness and her knowledge has helped me propel my music. TY for the fantastic work! Repeat customer here!” Danny Kensey

"It was great working with Dani Felt. She helped me connect with composer/music supervisor who gave me a lot of great advice on my music and ways to pitch my music. Adonis will be a great contact in my network from now on and I have Dani to thank for that!" Anne Volpe

"I’ve worked with Dani twice in the past 6 months and I’m currently about to do a 3rd project. She’s passionate about what she does and backs it up with being reliable and consistent. She has a lot of knowledge about many areas in the music industry and is always eager to share her resources. Highly recommend her services and involvement in anytSub-headlinehing" Jay Velle from Owls and Lions

"Dani from Music Industry Mastery is truly a rare find in this industry. I really found it as a breath of fresh air to talk to a music industry professional who I can tell is doing this for their true love of the art. Dani and her team are extremely knowledgeable able and provide some very valuable insight on how to drive your career forward as an artist. What I particularly like about Dani is she looks at your situation from a holistic perspective. She sets out not only to resolve the physical limitations you may be seeing in front of you but also addresses the most important part of all your frame of mind. I give Dani 5-stars hands down! I would and have recommended her to anyone who is working or looking to break into the music industry."


"Produced excellent award winning music videos and lyric videos for my songs! Highly recommend!"
Piano Jordan

"Dani is a powerhouse networker and manifesting machine! It’s been such a pleasure working with her on several projects for my music. It was especially awesome to be a part of her “Activate Your Abundance” group. Dani led the group in meditations and journaling exercises about various topics to help us align with our true selves and get clear on what we want and how we can manifest it into our lives. We had a safe space to share without judgement which I really appreciated. At each session I felt energized and inspired. I highly recommend joining this group to keep your thoughts on track and reinforce just how powerfu1 Columnl you are!” Tiffany Sayers

"My experience with Dani Felt has been incredible! I joined Dani’s ‘Activate Your Abundance’ program earlier this year, and the results have really been amazing. As a producer/songwriter and also as a performing artist, I’ve manifested some really incredible opportunities since taking this course. These have included: being booked for a dream gig at a well known venue that I always wanted to perform at, being approached by multiple very accomplished artists and songwriters for collaboration, becoming verified on Instagram, being invited to a very selective writing camp with well known artists, signing with a booking agent for international bookings, as well as finding a manager to help me with pitching and signing my own music." David, Producer

"Dani is a powerhouse networker and manifesting machine! It’s been such a pleasure working with her on several projects for my music. It was especially awesome to be a part of her “Activate Your Abundance” group. Dani led the group in meditations and journaling exercises about various topics to help us align with our true selves and get clear on what we want and how we can manifest it into our lives. We had a safe space to share without judgement which I really appreciated. At each session I felt energized and inspired. I highly recommend joining this group to keep your thoughts on track and reinforce just how powerful you are!”

"I have had Dani speak a few times at several music conferences in the past. Just like me, Dani has a passion to want to help musicians learn about their craft and how they can earn a living from their art. When it comes to knowing what she wants, she is driven and does it where everyone else waits. Anyone would be lucky to work with a person like Dani, you won't meet many like her" Brian Cronin Owner of Mirror Image Media LLC.

"Dani is dedicated and very hard working, she does not stop till the job is fully done and goes above and beyond the call of duty. She is effective and creative. I have enjoyed working with her over the years." Tom McDonough
"Dani’s passion to help artists succeed is unbridled, she has built a team of savvy experienced industry pros that get results at affordable and fair prices - I’m proud to be part of the team!" Bram Bessoff

"Dani Felt is a dedicated and skilled professional. She has passion for her work and the people she works with. I recommend Dani for all your public relations and marketing needs." Camille Barbone

"Dani Felt gets things done! She is a social media wiz and understands the nuances of marketing and PR. She is a very driven individual that will take on any task and find a way to succeed. I would recommend Dani for any project that is time sensitive as she is very efficient and also great at multi-tasking." Jamil St.Hilaire

"High energy, visionary and able to easily connect all aspects of a project to the bigger picture, Dani demonstrates a commitment to her goals that is unmatched. Her love of life is evident and weaves its way seamlessly into her actions which leads to an outstanding quality of work, that is honest, organic and on point. When you work with Dani, you know what you are going to get, and your project will be that much better for it." Christopher Salisbury

"Dani is the perfect person to be in the all-important field of 'communications' as she connects aspiring new emerging talent with established industry professionals that she personally vets out as the real thing. That doesn't often happen with the same high level of integrity she performs with.

She is a delight to work with, smart as a tack and ambitious in her every endeavor. I look forward to her star rising and staying informed of her new ideas and breakthroughs.

Plus, did I mention? She has a heart of gold!" Scott Matthews Founder and CEO of Hit or Myth Productions

"Dani is so passionate about music & helping others achieve their dreams, there is no doubt that she will achieve great success in everything she sets out to do! What an awesome legacy she has already started building in the music industry. I absolutely love working with her!" Sherri Thompson, Owner of Viola's Babygirl's Ventures, LLC

"Dani Felt is an expert networker and skilled marketer with an amazing attitude towards business and rock hard work ethic to boot. Combined with her creativity and passion, she's is a pleasure to work with on everything including her mobile app, website design, and social media. She has put me in contact with some talented individuals as well." Chris Hendrickson

"I met Dani via a LinkedIn group, and we have built a working relationship based on a shared passion for the music industry, and a desire to bring creative talent to their audience. Dani has been fantastic at connecting artists who are looking for web services with me. She has a great knack for bringing people together, and is great at selling products, services and talent! Dani definitely belongs in the music industry and I see a bright future ahead of her in the world of PR, marketing or whatever she turns her hand to. Highly recommended." Ross Barber CEO of Electric Kiwi

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