My superpower is connecting you to where you’re meant to go and who you’re meant to be.

I know you because I am you.

Ten years ago starting out, I was a singer-songwriter searching for information and support. I quickly realized there weren’t enough heart-centered coaches or consultants in the industry who understood what artists really wanted and needed, so I set out to develop it.

In the making of this wonderful co-creation, I ended up developing a signature program which has helped artists around the world step up their mindset (what I believe is the foundation of success), step into more confidence in their craft and calling, and get connected to who they need to know to move forward.

Book a 1 Hour strategy session

Create powerful relationships & solidify your direction and career.

Dani will help you get clear on what you want and where you want to go. Next, she will help you figure out what are the road blocks in your life and how to move past them.

Book a 1 hour strategy session

available to help you propel forward

Working with Dani is really great for speeding up the process of your artist’s journey. Dani has a Rolodex of vetted professionals to work with.

My team specializes in:

  • Music Marketing ( PR, Spotify, Youtube promotion)
  • Consulting
  • Content Creation+ Branding (Music Videos, Music Production, Lyric Videos, Graphic Design)


“Dani has always been a networking butterfly.”

“”Dani has always been a networking butterfly. Since the day we made our acquaintance 14 years ago to being reconnected now, she has only grown stronger wings and brought together more talented people. From hiring me to co-write and produce one of her latest singles, to allowing me to embarrass myself in front of a camera for a tv show pilot, Dani has continued to introduce me to people along the way that have both challenged and lifted me to a better place than I was before. Her spirits are bright and her intentions are good. I encourage you to take flight with this butterfly and see what magic is in store for you.”

Dave Dones – Cofounder of Gainsboro Music