Hi! I’m Dani Felt, and my superpower is connecting you to where you’re meant to go and who you’re meant to be. 

You can have anything you want for your life and your music career. And yes, I mean it when I say anything. 

Are you ready?

My team of 50 creative professionals and I specialize in:

  • Artist Success Mindset
  • Monetizing Your Craft
  • Branding
  • Music Promotion
  • Music Video Promotion
  • Spotify Promotion
  • Album Release Plans
  • Copywriting & PR
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Creation
  • Web & Graphic Design
  • Photography & Videography
  • Artist Styling
  • Song Production
  • Networking
  • Consulting with Experts in the Music Industry
  • Spirituality & Healing
  • Abundance
  • And Much More

I know who you are, because I am you

I mentor artists and provide them with CONNECTION and DIRECTION

So, are you ready to take the first step in your journey to get completely plugged in?

If so, book a call with me below.

I look forward to getting to know you!

To Your Greatest Success,
Dani Felt



P.S. Make sure to visit all the pages on this site to really get a feel for what my team and I can do for you!

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Dani Felt Music Consultants has got everything for the creative community from delivering public relations expertise to branding solutions and even creative connections to help build your network and grow your career.

We have a team of over 50 creative professionals ready to work with you on your next project.