As the creator of the member exclusive Artist Plugin Program,

Dani Felt is the ultimate coach and consultant for your music marketing needs.

Dani is an entertainment music consultant and artist development coach, who loves to use her intuition and network to guide artists to the right resources and people.

The Artist Plugin Program is the foundation and building block for mastering your Mindset, Branding, Networking & Monetization that every musician needs. If you are looking for a more customized support system, Dani has limited spots to support Artists and Entertainment professionals on a 1-1 basis.

To take your career to the NEXT LEVEL and get access to:

-CONNECTIONS – important connections, Dani will open her personal industry black book and connect with the right people to elevate your success,

-INCREASED REVENUE – recorded music sales are dying, or are they? Get the inside keys to making money based on your custom career and needs.

-GROW YOUR FAN BASE – whether you are an entertainment professional or an artist, growing your fan base for yourself or someone else is an important multi-faceted skill. Dani will guide you on how to use her special tri-fecta toolset social media, branding and content to grow your fan base and keep them loyal.

-ENHANCE YOUR MINDSET- Mindset is everything. You may not realize it but having a positive mindset will effect your entire day and can make the difference of you having an incredible performance or an awful one. Dani can help you build your confidence, your optimism, and teach you how to bring into your life more opportunities, people and magic in your life. Let Dani teach you how to step into your greatest potential, to let go of limiting beliefs and to create powerful mindset shifts.

Dani’s consulting clients are treated as VIP and in order for her to provide that white glove support she only has a limited amount of spots available.

To see if you are a fit for her VIP consulting program apply below.

Boost your career today, and get the support you deserve. With Dani’s years of expertise, industry connections, and lucrative entertainment industry toolbox, she can make your career progress faster and easier.