Good morning,

I was meditating today to the audio frequency 420 HZ which is all about healing. And when I got up I got inspired to make all these reels of jewels of wisdom I felt called to share. So the following are some jewels! I feel like these messages were practically channeled. Apply them to your life to how you see fit. Whatever you resonate with great, whatever you do not, thats fine too! Feel free to forward this to anyone who might need it. This is some great wisdom!

If you want to attract more clients/ fans make a list of what their personality is like and what they are into.

The more you worry about something the more you build momentum for it to happen So the key is stepping back, breathing and going back to where you find your peace.

Whatever amount of money you want to bring into your life make a spreadsheet list of what amount you will spend on what.

Do you guys know as artists you guys have magic within you from your lyrics and music and did you know music is all about vibrations so every-time your making music so every-time your making music your impacting peoples lives, their subconscious and their moods? and do you know you have the power to make beautiful, incredible, powerful music thats going to change peoples lives? and that the world needs your voice and that your voice is like magic?

Can we learn to love each other more and stop fighting so much about our differences and what we choose to do? Can we just please love each other more because at the end of the day we are all human, we are all connected. We are all one. So can we just start having more love for each other and more empathy for each other? And stop fighting against ourselves which is really what we do when we fight with each other because we are one.

Daily Affirmation to say to yourself in the mirror every day: “I love you so much. You are so powerful. You are so beautiful. You are so incredible. You are capable of so much more then you even know. You have so much magic inside of you. You can literally do anything and I am so excited for you to watch all the magic you are going to create in your life!”

Do not let people, peoples reactions, or people take your power. Do not let someone not responding to you effect your mood, Do not let someone rejecting you take you down, Do not let someone who says they dont want to work with you in the business world defeat you. You are freaking powerful.

And it is the same thing when we are attached to someone as a friend of more. When we feel that codependency, it actually is showing us the light of how we need to heal ourselves and how we need to love ourselves more and not just depend on other people to make us happy. So can we actually be grateful for that? Because that is going to show us what we need to do to grow and uplevel.

Can we also be thankful the things that trigger us and make us angry because it actually is showing us what we need to heal in ourselves so instead of being really pist off at someone and saying you suck!, you can say thank you for showing me that this is still in my subconscious as a trauma and is something I need to still heal and I am grateful for the opportunity to grow and become an even more up-level person.

Do you know that you are so powerful that your life is created completely based on what your subconscious is focused on and what your focusing and your beliefs and your thoughts and your stories? Do you know you are so powerful? You do not even realize how powerful? You dont even realize you let all these people tell you what to do and how to think, but its like HELLO, you are powerful, you are magical, you are divine, Start thinking about what YOU WANT in your life.

Lets also talk about the stories we tell ourselves. We are basically in a movie all the time. And our lives are being played out by the stories we tell ourselves so what story are you telling yourself? Are you telling yourself your happy, amazing and your life is awesome and you attract the most amazing shit ever? Or are you telling yourself your life sucks and things are awful and things are stressful 24/7 and it just gets worse? Which story are you telling yourself? It is up to you. Your the main character. Choose the story that you want 😉

Also, when did we decide that we have to to be perfect and happy 24/7? Can we just start playing this game called loving ourselves more? and just stepping into our power more and and play around with that vibe? vs having to have so much self hate and so be so hard on ourselves, and expect ourselves to be perfect 24/7 because guess what? We are not perfect. We will never be perfect. We are human, divine and magical and we still can choose to love ourselves.

Lets talk about our relationship with money. Money is an ENERGY not just a physical thing. You have to treat it as a person. You start talking to money every day and tell money you love it and money is going to start showing up in your life. Try it. WATCH. Just say like, hey money your amazing, I love you, lets make magic. And watch what happens!

Raise your vibration. You gotta do things that make you happy. Take walks, listen to music that you love, talk to people on the phone that make you feel good, Perform on live streams, see your friends, order food, make cookies. Whatever it is do something that will make you happy.

Also, you have the BIGGEST IMPACT in your friends lives. As a collective perspective the more people who focus onma .thought the more powerful it becomes so every single word your saying to your friends your impacting their lives and their subconscious. So really think about what are you really saying on a daily basis about money, about happiness about all of it.

Lets play this game and pretend what we focus on we actually bring into our lives. So lets bring that into a world perspective. So what if we start choosing to picture the world healing and is a kinder, nicer place and we start visualizing every day the world that we actually want to see?

It is funny to me that people spend so much time and energy watching and listening to certain things that just perpetuate fear, anxiety, stress and they keep doing it. Over and over and over. Did you ever think about stepping back, pausing and thinking about being conscious of what you choose to watch and what you are actually feeding your subconscious?

It is also funny to me that we get so mad at each other for having different beliefs, perspectives etc but thats what makes the world a beautiful place. That is what makes humanity so incredible. How bored would you be if everyone just agreed with what you said 24/7 and did what you said 24/7, it would be like whats the point? Right? So it is all about growing and understanding each-other and love.

The ironic part is that the minute that we stop caring and surrender and dont take it so seriously and are less harsh on ourselves is when we actually take back our power to be happy because we aren’t giving other people our power to make us happy and thats like freedom

It is funny how we spend so much time and energy making other people happy and living our lives for other people and making it mean so much when other people approve of us or give us validation instead of actually just doing what makes us happy and making that the important thing.


You know what is hilarious? The fact that we think we have control over everyone else and we actually dont. We can get so stressed and pissed off at people and think, why cant they just do what we want? but at the end of the day we only have control over ourselves.

XOXO Dani Felt