I am wishing you an incredible new years and new years eve and 2022!

2021 has been filled with many highs and lows but here are some of my favorite moments in 2021!

  • Sync Night events with Mike Turner, Daryl Berg, Adonis, Anastasia Brown, Nelson Johnson
  • Launching animated music videos for some of our clients
  • Helping my client Andrea connect with a producer and her recording her first song ever
  • Helping pitch a ton of my clients music for sync
  • Getting Locs song placed in the HBO Max show The Hype
  • Getting one of my clients an opportunity to cowrite with me for a film coming out next year!
  • Creating the pilot for my tv show!
  • Releasing Unapologetic and Gone
  • Throwing a release party for Unapologetic and doing a live performance/ showcase event
  • Doing consulting with clients
  • Helping cast singers for a video game character singing opportunity
  • Attending summer NAMM 2021in Nashville
  • Attempting to launch a marketplace with my ex business partner but then redirecting my focus
  • Releasing Gone
  • Helping clients with Spotify, PR and more
  • Having a really successful PR campaign with Unapologetic
  • Filming my first professional music video for Unapologetic
  • Recording and writing sessions
  • Pitching clients to labels
  • Building my vendor network

Just so incredibly grateful.

Wishing you an amazing 2022! Never give up on your dreams!