Dear Dani,

Can we stop lying to ourselves about being able to do everything the same time? And lying to ourselves that we must “save” all our friends and everyone we know? When I say save I mean..

  • STOP
  • never saying no
  • always trying to fix everyone else
  • trying to convince others to believe what you believe
  • taking on extra work you know you can’t handle
  • trying to accomplish everything at same time

This is permission to take a breath and revaluate every part of your life. You don’t need to run on auto pilot. You don’t need to try to solve every problem for your friend or always play therapist.

You need to start taking care of you.

You need to start loving you.

You don’t need to take on everyone’s problems as your own

You do need to take things one step at a time and do not try to rush things

Stop running.. start breathing.. start living …stop sleeping…

Wake up..

You can totally turn your life around..

One day at a time.
You are capable of anything..

Stop trying to be the hero and just focus on thriving this will help others around you.

This will inspire others to change their lives around..

I love you and you are loved. You are worthy..