Good morning,

I feel called to share this with you. It it my intention to share this knowledge with you and my network only to help whoever it is meant to help. If it does not resonate with you, no worries at all. But my heart wants to share this message..

This excerpt comes from my Instagram post today.

A wise friend gave me great advice recently. Go to your peace. In other words go to what makes you feel at peace. As an empath it’s really easy for me to get energetically overwhelmed especially when I spend too much focus across social media. But this is my new mantra. Go to where your peace is at. This is my new focus. The more at peace we are the more in alignment we become. The more in alignment we become the more we attract the right opportunities etc. So the key to getting more of what you want and overall happiness? This is simply to feel better. Your job? To get into alignment. Of course if you have a core belief you will only get things if you push and work really really hard, that will be your reality. But, what if you opened up your mind to the possibility that by feeling good you actually become in alignment with everything you want and it becomes easier and easier the better you feel. It’s quite interesting how much mental energy we put on what we do not want to happen and then wonder why it happened 😂

The truth is the more resistance you put on something the more you attract it. The more you go with the flow and don’t push against something with so much energy the more at ease life will become for you. When we try and try and try and work hard and are working from the scarcity mindset we will create much resistance. If we focus on good feeling thoughts and what feels light we will have a lot easier time attracting those things we really really want. So my challenge for you is to really focus on 1-3 things you can do every day to feel good. Second challenge for you is to pay attention to every text your receiving, every email, every avenue of communication, your every day language, the words you speak about your life and yourself and others, and see it as a reflection of what your choosing to focus on. And really be intentional with the people you listen to and spend your time with because every single person your around will either bring you up or down. They will effect your energy. So like I said in the beginning, go to where your peace is at. With the full moon being tomorrow, I invite you to let go of what no longer serves you.

I hope this message brings you great joy!