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About Us

About Dani Felt Consultants


Dani Felt Consultants is a one-stop shop for the creative community, delivering public relations expertise and branding solutions for your next project. Our team will help you foster long-lasting relationships in the entertainment industry and provide innovative strategies to help your career. Working with DFC will ensure that your brand stands out and thrives in an ever-evolving global marketplace.

We offer the full spectrum of creative services, including public relations (PR), social media marketing, branding strategy,  photography, music videos, composing, songwriting, audio and visual production, stylists, makeup artists, music lessons, finance coaching, and more.

Our goal is to help you reach your full potential in the entertainment industry by connecting you with emerging and established creators and industry executives. We firmly believe that success within a collaborative community creates the wealth of the community as whole. We are devoted to fostering life-long relationships between our clients and artists, creators, producers, marketing specialists, and industry professionals at the highest level.

Dani Felt Consultants was founded by Dani Felt, an artist and entrepreneur who got her start in New York’s bustling music industry. As CEO, she, along with the DFC team is dedicated to using her experience and professional network to help artists and creatives grow their careers and succeed in the broader entertainment industry.

“Dani Felt gave me excellent advice concerning a promotional video. Her music industry understanding and ability to see better ways to market are very impressive. Thank you, Dani!”

Melanie Tolbert