Dani Felt is an entrepreneur and entertainment maven. Born in Philadelphia, Felt’s passion for music began at a young age, but her penchant for performing soon gave way to her passion to help artists and creators navigate and thrive in the entertainment industry. Felt’s understanding of both artistry and industry, along with her experience in the music industry and broader entertainment sphere, make her uniquely qualified to help artists and creators turn their dreams into reality.

Felt’s passion for music is deeply rooted in her family. After the passing of her cousin Linda Creed, the songwriter and producer behind R&B hits for Whitney Houston “The Greatest Love Of All” as well as for the Stylistics and the Spinners, Felt was determined to leverage their shared love of music to both honor her cousin and make a positive impact. She founded her first business and charitable venture called Under The Spotlight, a music compilation album. The album featured some of Dani`s friends from college. She raised over $1000 for the Linda Creed Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation.

Felt attended the New England School of Communications where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Marketing Communications. After moving to New York, she soon firmly established herself in the NYC music scene, working with artists and helping set up music showcases and networking events. Fully immersed in New York’s music community, Felt then transitioned to an A&R role, scouting songwriting and artistic talent for several music management and publishing firms including Big Management, Morris Music Group, and BCMG.  She frequently set up workshops for artists and songwriters such as at the Guitar Center, and also did some consulting for various celebrity voice over coaches, including Jean Marc Berne (Disney). Felt later founded the artist development company CreativeSpotlights, which soon led her to author a music industry guide for emerging artists titled In The Spotlight: Over 100 Voices In Music. Creative Spotlights has since covered many major media events and press-related affairs, including the SESAC Pop Awards.

Felt founded Music Industry Mastery to fuse her love of music, industry experience, and marketing background to help build the careers of artists, creators, and brands by helping them forge long-lasting relationships.  MIM`s work has already resulted in incredibly profitable relationships, red carpet showcases, and career-defining opportunities, with a great deal more on the horizon.

About Music Industry Mastery

Music Industry Mastery is a one-stop shop for the creative community, delivering public relations expertise and branding solutions for your next project. Our team will help you foster long-lasting relationships in the entertainment industry and provide innovative strategies to help your career. Working with MIM will ensure that your brand stands out and thrives in an ever-evolving global marketplace.

We offer the full spectrum of creative services, including public relations (PR), social media marketing, branding strategy,  photography, music videos, composing, songwriting, audio and visual production, stylists, makeup artists, music lessons, finance coaching, and more.

Our goal is to help you reach your full potential in the entertainment industry by connecting you with emerging and established creators and industry executives. We firmly believe that success within a collaborative community creates the wealth of the community as whole. We are devoted to fostering life-long relationships between our clients and artists, creators, producers, marketing specialists, and industry professionals at the highest level.

Music Industry Mastery was founded by Dani Felt, an artist and entrepreneur who got her start in New York’s bustling music industry. As CEO, she, along with the DFC team is dedicated to using her experience and professional network to help artists and creatives grow their careers and succeed in the broader entertainment industry.

Meet CEO Dani Felt

As an artist it is important to have a strong mindset. It is also important to create balance in your life by doing things like meditating, eating healthy, working out, or other healthy habits. Being an artist is like being an athlete it is so important to get enough sleep, eat the right foods, drink enough water and have alot of energy. It is so important to maintain health for your music career. Having a strong mindset is also really important. You not only need to take action on your goals but you need to visualize it, see yourself being successful, believe it`s already come true and get super clear in what you`d like in your music career to come to life. That is why DFC have created a special powerful Singer Success Guided Meditation. Click below to grab your free guided meditation today!

When I first arrived in Los Angeles, I didn’t know anyone and I needed a top level producer to complete some demos last minute. Dani hooked me up with more than one option for producer , and I ended up going with Richard Harris , who is incredibly talented, kind and experienced- and within 48 hours I had a demo that impressed my client. Thanks Dani Felt Consultants!

Rebecca Tello