Good morning!D

I would like to make an obvious statement. Being a leader is not about being a follower. This means if you want to lead you need to lead yourself and make moves you believe are right for you. When we only listen to other people we get unclear about what we actually want. It is easy to let people tell us what to do or make decisions for us but at the end of the day if we do not at-least try to go for our dreams we will have regret and resentment. Listening to our intuition, quieting our mind, creating space for things to come to us, working with people in alignment, investing into something when it feels right, these are all leadership for ourselves. How can we lead others if we can not lead ourselves right? Leadership takes courage, strength, heart, wisdom, a bit like the Wizard of Oz adventures of Dorthy. Sometimes coaches can help guide us or share with us ideas but at the end of the day it is important to get really clear on what you want and follow that. It is about what makes your heart sing, what inspires you, what motivates or drives you, what are your core values, what feels good in your body vs what stresses you out to the point you can not even focus. Some stress is okay but if someone is constantly stressing you out, not good for you, walk away. Walk away from things or people that are not serving you. Learn to lead yourself, one step at a time. Being a leader, you will not have everyone believe or follow you or listen to your or agree with you. Do not dictate the way you live your life based on others wanting you to do the safe route in your career, love life etc. Do what feels right for you cause at the end of the day the only person that really can guide you is you and the universe/ your guides etc. People are only guiding you based on their own bias, experiences, stories, emotions and what works for them. But remember that we all have our own journey and what works great for one person might not work great for another. So start quieting your mind a bit more and leave space to really get clear on what you want and start leading yourself and the right people will follow your tribe. Do not worry about the rest. Remember leadership starts with you leading yourself not following.