​As an artist it is so important to get your brand down 100%. You want to make sure you have high quality logo, photos, website, social media banners that match. Also high quality photos for your instagram and all social media platforms. Be extremely intentional with your overall brand. From what outfits you choose to have in your photos to your fonts all the way down to logo. Figure out what brand you want to portray then take action steps to make it happen. Look at your favorite artists websites and social media pages for inspiration. Things to pay attention to:





High quality song production

Album cover artwork

All of this will help the music industry as a whole take you seriously.

Speaking of branding, I am super excited to show you my new branded site for Dani Felt Music:


If you would like help with a branded fabulous website to showcase your artistry or want to rebrand your music site let me know and I will introduce you to my web designer Ross. He is fabulous!

Warm regards,