Build your music career with the APP. A 4 part artist development program to help you take your career to the next level. Grow your music career by joining our APP community. What is the APP? The APP Community consists of 4 modules focusing on helping you grow your career in music.

“The Artist Plugin Program has made me realized that while I might think I am portraying a positive outlook if I dig more there might be an underlying negative energy that is holding me back! Being able to identify that and start to give myself daily affirmations has been a great way to rewire the way I think about myself.” 

Molly Adele Brown

An Overview

Module 1: Mindset Mastery presented by Dani Felt.

We believe that before you can begin a fulfilling career in music, you have to believe in yourself and your abilities as an artist. Dani kicks off the series by teaching you the essentials of mastering an abundant mindset. You will boost your confidence by learning how to believe in yourself, how to set goals and discover the power of positivity.

Module 2: Taking Your Brand Online presented by Christian Ladigowski

Having a good social media presence can make or break your business as a musician. In this module, guest lecturer Christian Ladigoski is here to help you begin and maintain your brand on social media as well as the world wide web. You will learn that content is king and Christian will give you access to all sorts of great resources that can help you create great content on the regular!

Module 3: Network Like a Boss presented by Dani Felt. Bonus Content: Audience Growth Expert by D.Grant Smith and Celebrity Stylist Kimmie Smith. 

By now you know that fans are the bread and butter of your career. Dani’s back to tell you all about connecting with your audience. Also, in a special module by the master in growth farming, D. Grant Smith, you will learn that your favorite influencers are just a click away! Lastly, you will learn the importance of looking the part with special guest celebrity stylist, Kimmie Smith.

Module 4: Monetize Your Passion presented by Dylan Ander

Are you ready to start getting paid for your music? In this module, Dylan Ander, demonstrates how you can begin to turn your passion into cold hard cash. You will learn everything that you need to know about gigs and touring and making money in your music career. Dylan will explain how if you strive to carve a niche for yourself in the publishing industry, you can make money in music.

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“The artist plugin program gave me great insight on networking! I think it’s a good tool for creating set expectations and following a plan.It forces you to organize yourself into a logical and concrete path. It is great for the modern musician!”

Leo Freire

“Dani’s mindfulness program is well thought out, concise, and motivating. It is important to look at the areas in our lives we can improve, and this program breaks things down easily to positively identify and set goals. No matter where an artist is on their journey, there is something beneficial for everyone here.” 

Amy Drea Dorman

“Dani’s program was very thought provoking. It encouraged me to pause and reflect on my goals and priorities and how they can shape my views of my daily life. As a busy musician and entrepreneur, I found it so refreshing that I got so much insight out of such a program. If you have time, use that time to pause, reflect and reset with Dani’s program.“ 

Julianne Q