Good morning,

​I just tried something, removing my Instagram app from my phone for this month as an experiment. So far it I have noticed the following:

-Easier time to focus and zone in on tasks

-Better peace of mind

-Less stressed out


-Be able to sit still for longer periods of time

I have noticed not looking at my IG 24/7 and comparing myself 247/ to everyone and not having to worry about people liking my posts 24/7 is really helping my mental health. Alot of times when I posted on IG I felt this pressure of needing to get x amount of likes and then if x person did not like my post I questioned why and then starting thinking wow my content must not be as valuable because only y amount of people liked x post. But that is not true. First of all IG hides most of our posts unless you are following and engaging with that person often or paying for ads. So most people that are following you are not even seeing your content so do not be so hard on yourself. I have noticed that not being on IG I have more time to focus in on specific tasks rather then constantly going back to my IG. It was such an addiction then every 5 minutes I would be checking my app and now I am like well now i actually have to get things done or meditate or have space for myself to think or visualize. It is also not about being busy 24/7 either it is about creating space and pockets of time to get things done. and Pockets of time to rest. Especially if you work at home and are an entrepreneur its easy to want to work 24/7 or never get any work done due to being on IG. Now i am not hating on IG. I love reels etc but I am just challenging you to take a month break and see what happens and how you feel.

Anyway that is my thought!