Work with Dani Felt

Step Into your power. Build your confidence. Get clear on your vision. Shift your limiting beliefs. Transform your life.


With the world as your stage, it’s time to be your own director and step into your spotlight. Dani Felt reinvents what it means to be a successful professional.  Amplify your brand with Dani Felt. Dani is a singer-songwriter turned Business Coach. She offers a customized branding experience, merging musician coaching with creative consulting. 

With over 10 years in the industry, Dani uses her background to develop personalized brand strategies – evaluating each persons goals and projected potential. Her carefully curated programs are built upon a foundational network of expert consultants and creatives. 

Since you already have the talent, Dani Felt becomes your partner. We are there to help you amplify your brand and drive your career forward. We focus on capturing your vision and tune into your unique aesthetic. Channeling artists to flourish in a competitive marketplace by connecting, inspiring and empowering all aspiring musical brands. Come conquer your brand and business with us.