I’m Dani Felt

Business Coach

Helping You connect to your purpose, passion and opportunities.

Business Coaching

Bring your business to the next level with Dani’s business coaching. She will combine her strong intuition, connections and 12 years of experience to help you have massive success in your career.

Relationship Building

Dani is an expert when it comes to building relationships and finding the right people to connect with for your career. With over 7500 Linkedin Connections alone, Dani is ready to help coach you with connecting with the right people for your career. Whether you are looking for sponsors for your next event or would like to find brand sponsors for your artistry, Dani can help.

Relationship Building

Learn how to cultivate the most amazing relationships for your career.

Goal Setting

Dani will sit down with you and help you make a plan to accomplish your career goals one step at a time.


Dani will help you gain clarity tapping into her intuition to help guide you on what you truly want for your career and life.

Career Advice

Dani will help you with navigating the path to find your perfect career.

What Is Business Coaching?

Business coaching is coaching to help you with your business. This can include looking for guidance with increasing your revenue, clients, offers, pricing, social media presence, media presence and building your authority in your industry.

Who Is Coaching For?

Coaching is for people who are looking for someone to hold them accountable and to hold space for their next level version of themselves.

What is The Process Like?

First Dani will sit down with you and identify your goals and biggest challenges. Then Dani will create a customized plan for your success. 

1. Identify Your Goals and Big Vision

First Dani will help you identify your biggest goals and vision for your career and your life.

2. Identify biggest blocks

Next Dani will sit down with you after filling out an application to identify your biggest blocks.

3. Create a custom plan

Dani will then create a custom plan for your success. 

Coaching Packages

Single Session

Includes one session via Zoom or Google meet and 7 days of Voxer text support.


6 Month Package 

Includes 12 sessions via Zoom or Google meet and Weekly Voxer Support. Also includes access to Dani’s network



12 Month Coaching Package

Includes 24 sessions via Zoom or Google meet and Weekly Voxer Support. Also includes access to Dani’s network


About Me

Meet Dani Felt- transformational business coach.

Dani Felt has been in the music industry for over 12 years.

With her experience as an artist herself, consultant and coach she is ready to help you get to the next level in your business.

Dani Felt combines her strong intution, massive network, creative strategies, and opportunity magnetism to help her clients increase their revenue, clients, opportunities and connections for their business. Whether you are a influencer, music producer, artist, coach or soloprenuer, when you work with Dani, your life is going to transform on every level.

Work with Dani  to increase your  income, magnetism, clients, confidence, happiness, offers opportunities and network.


Dani is a powerhouse networker and manifesting machine! It’s been such a pleasure working with her on several projects for my music. It was especially awesome to be a part of her “Activate Your Abundance” group. Dani led the group in meditations and journaling exercises about various topics to help us align with our true selves and get clear on what we want and how we can manifest it into our lives. We had a safe space to share without judgement which I really appreciated. At each session I felt energized and inspired. I highly recommend joining this group to keep your thoughts on track and reinforce just how powerful you are!” Tiffany Sayersu

“My experience with Dani Felt has been incredible! I joined Dani’s ‘Activate Your Abundance’ program earlier this year, and the results have really been amazing. As a producer/songwriter and also as a performing artist, I’ve manifested some really incredible opportunities since taking this course. These have included: being booked for a dream gig at a well known venue that I always wanted to perform at, being approached by multiple very accomplished artists and songwriters for collaboration, becoming verified on Instagram, being invited to a very selective writing camp with well known artists, signing with a booking agent for international bookings, as well as finding a manager to help me with pitching and signing my own music. Aside from helping with specific accomplishments, this course has taught me a lot about remaining aware of my own thoughts and actions, and how we can shift our mindset in order to harness the power that’s inside all of us. In a world full of constant distraction and noise this can often be a real challenge, especially in the creative industry and in my role as a producer and writer, where people are constantly approaching you and asking things of me. I’ve found Dani’s daily practices to be calming and grounding, and they’ve allowed me to keep my energy focused where it needs to be. I highly recommend working with her!!!

 I “I am so excited I got to enroll in Dani’s Activate Your Abundance. I wanted to become a headliner on cruise ships, make good money and travel. Since enrolling in her class I was able to manifest that! The exercises keep your mind focused. It puts out there what you want into the universe. It does work, I have to say. It makes you feel positive and it feels good. I am so glad I did it! You all should too, really.”

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