The following is a story that happened to Dani that she feels would benefit you when it comes to treating your clients/ customers right.

It was an ordinary day in the city of Nashville when Dani decided it would be a good idea to go get an eye exam so she could get her glasses that she scratched replaced with new lenses. Dani had walked in expecting to get new lenses same glasses. She walked in the store and met the customer service reps there. She did the eye exam and the doctor a very older man got extremely close to her face as she was being examined. She felt like her space was invaded but did not know how to say something without offending this older man. Eventually she walked out of the exam room and went to talk to the custom service reps again to check out for her eyes exam. As she sat down they mentioned to her that her glasses are impossible to fix because they are old and and frames need to be replaced. Dani thought about it and was excited to see the new glasses possibilities. So she started asking questions to the customer service rep. She said what are your nicest glasses? The customer service rep replied, well the cheapest ones are over in that corner and they pointed to a corner. Dani repeated, I do not care about cheap, I want nice, I work in music and I need to look good for my brand. Another customer rep spoke up this time and mentioned several possible areas that I could look across the room but then again mentioned about the cheaper options. Now granted, Dani never mentioned she wanted cheap and even hinted she wanted nicer over cheap. Now normally, Dani loves to shop and invest in stores. She loves to give people her money and buy things that make her happy. Now, these customer service reps did not seem to care about Dani or the money she was willing to spend to get a product she was happy with. Dani hinted that she wanted help to find the perfect glasses match for her brand, but the customer service reps seemed to not really care and just lazily pointed around the store saying to Dani, feel free to look around and just try things out. This was not the customer service experience Dani had dreamed of so she decided instead of investing into this store which seemed to care less about taking her money, she got her new prescription from the eye exam she just had taken and only paid for that. She thought to herself, I am sure there is other stores that will happily help me and gladly want me to spend money on their products. Why do I mention this story to you as an artist, entrepreneur , producer, ceo of a company or something else?

Because I feel in life there is always lessons to be learned that we can then grow from. Here are the following lessons for you:

  1. Your customers/ fans/ clients are everything. Without them you have no business. Make sure to show them you appreciate and care about them. Sometimes it is even good to go out of your way to make your business stand out. You can do this by: sending them cards, sending them gifts, sending them thank you emails, throwing in something extra for them in your services, shouting them out on social media, showcasing them on your website or social media etc..
  2. There is so much competition out there make sure to be kind to your clients. Show them you actually care about them and working together. If you are not nice to your clients, your clients can leave you and work with other people that offer the same services or music etc as you.
  3. Make sure to go out of your way to help your clients. Do not assume they just know what their doing. Especially if this is about purchasing from you, make it easy for them to buy from you.
  4. Be an active listener. In the story above clearly they did not care about Dani at all. Make sure to listen to your clients carefully and read between the lines about what they want. You could even go further by researching them on social media to learn more. Think about this from searching music supervisors. Looking up their social media to see the way they speak, what they care about, what projects they are working on etc.
  5. Be friendly! Being friendly goes a long way. People can feel vibration and good energy and good attitudes. Bringing in a friendly attitude to every potential customer will help increase your chances of sales. It is very simple just be positive.
  6. If you for some reason do not care or are in a bad mood that day, atleast pretend you do. It will make or break your sales and make a difference to get repeat customers.
  7. Show your clients/ customers/ fans respect and that you value them as people.

I hope these lessons help you increase your sales!