Good morning!

Sometimes you gotta just embrace having more fun in your life and be more playful in general. Sometimes we can get so caught up in the mundane or the to do lists etc. But I encourage you to just start asking yourself, how can I bring more joy into my life? You see joy is one of the keys to happiness. It can be so easy to go down a rabbit hole on social media posts filled with dark dark energy and intensity and can fill our hearts and minds with depression and doomsday mentality. But remember that we focus on we also attract so the more we focus on the ” reality” of every situation in the darkest way the more we are attracting it. TV is ” programming”. Whatever you watch you focus on so really start to think, how can I bring more joy into my life? What am I focusing my time on and what are my thoughts focused on? What stories am I telling myself today? Am I telling myself the world is doomed? Or am I telling myself, I am doing the best I can do every day and that is the only control I have? If each of us can just focus on doing what we can to protect our mental health and start embedding small things into our lives that just bring us joy think about how impact it could make to society? Plus, our life is a total mirror. If you are focused on what is going wrong you will find yourself attracting more and more people who also focus on this. But if you focus on the joy you can see even the smallest things that can bring happiness, a funny laugh, a beautiful flower outside, delicious cookies or desserts, the smell of the rain or shower, a beautiful song that makes you cry and more. Focus on the joy!

Also last night was a full moon so focus on what you want to bring into your life!


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