Today is Abundance Day! #8. The number 8 is connected to abundance.

Focus on what you desire for 2022.

How will you get there?

Visualize it

Take actions steps towards it

Feel into it

Connect your emotions of joy and gratitude to whatever it is you desire

Meditate on it

Surround yourself with people who are doing what you want to do or where you want to go.

Abundance Affirmations:

I am worthy of receiving abundance

I am looking forward to receiving money every day in many ways

Every day more and more abundance comes my way!

There is unlimited opportunities for me and I get to choose which ones I want to take!

Speaking to money affirmations:

Money loves me and I love money

Money, I cant wait to have fun together!

Money, let’s make magic!

Money, you are my Best friend!

Money, I know you are everywhere and will always be there for me!

Money has my back!

I am receiving so much money I need to open up a second account!

I am receiving so much money I have to hire an assistant

Career affirmations:

I am living my dream life

I am doing my dream career

I love my life!

I have so much joy doing what I do!

I feel happy and satisfied with life!

Life feels AMAZING!

I am working for my dream people

I am working with my dream team!

My team has my back!

I am living my passion and purpose!

Self worth affirmations:

I am worthy of everything I desire

Massive Success is the next step in my life

Being successful is happening more every day!

I am so worthy of so much incredible things happening in my life

Attracting opportunities affirmation:

I am always attracting better and better opportunities in my life!

My dream media outlet is featuring me!

My dream client is hiring me!

I am receiving my dream salary

I am receiving so many opportunities i have to turn some down! I choose what I desire to do! I get to choose!

I am booking my dream roles/ gigs

I attract the right people to see my worth and give me aligned opportunities that feel good and are in my highest interest!