Good morning,

​Last night I had a powerful realization as I was speaking with a friend. I have found myself in a constant role of playing the hero. That means wanting to save people. A calling to feel I have to save the world. However, I realized this frame of mind stems from fear not empowerment. I think as humans we have a tendency to want to control the people in our lives. We sometimes use guilt, force, pushing, convincing etc. However, what I came to realize last night is that everything is about co-creating. In other words, the energy of creation has to be 1 or more parties coming together to create a result or fufill a goal. For example: If you are a songwriter you are cowriting with someone else or co-creating with the universe/ guides/ God/ higher self/ your inspiration/ your heart/ soul etc whatever you want to believe. To create there always has to be more than 1 party, more than one energy at play bringing their energy to your energy. If you have one person who does not want to do something and one person really does, you create resistance. This is why the energy of convincing, forcing, pushing, manipulating or trying to use fear will create blocks towards what that person is going for. In order for something to line up it has to be in alignment. You need 2 people or two energies to create everything. For example, if you are a producer, you are co-creating the relationship and music wit the artist. If the artist is not on the same page, resistance will occur. If you are coaching a client for business and the client does not want to do that thing you are creating resistance and it will never work. If you want a relationship as a friendship with someone and you are always making effort and the other person does not want that friendship then there is going to be blocks towards building that friendship. If you have very strong beliefs and try to force them on someone else and they do not resonate with those beliefs, you are going to create resistance and they will be pushed away not intrigued. In order for something to work it has to be 2 energies on the same page. That is why it is important for you to get clear about whatever you want in your life and then align with the people who match those desires. If you want to be a pop artist and only know hiphop producers and those hiphop producers do not want to learn pop music then you need to find a pop producer. If you have a client who you have to beg to pay you or does not seem to want to work with you, I encourage you to drop them. Give them the option. Do not force things on people because this will set yourself up for failure. Stay focused on what you want and find people who want that too.

This goes into hero vs co-creator. So I think my entire life up until today I grew up learning to be the hero and save everyone. Anytime someone says negative things, explain to them they need to change or else their life will suck. It was as if I could not just sit and watch someone be in pain or unhappy, I always felt I had to fix it. But the thing is people will usually get help if they really actually want it. And when we try to force people to change or fix them it will back fire because they do not want the help. If they actually wanted the help they usually will ask. So going into 2022 I have decided I would like to create the intention to shift from hero, aka saving people to co-creator. Aligning with the right people who want to accomplish a .certain goal such as sync, services etc. This email list for example is not for everyone and that is okay. The people meant to hear these messages will and the rest will unsubscribe and that is okay. I understand some signed up only for opportunities however if you really want that you can join my fb group I created which will focus majority of just posting opportunities. You can join that here Dani Felts VIP Room.

So in conclusion I am here for you to empower you, inspire you and hold space for you to co-create and amplify magic in your life.

I encourage you to look at your life and see how you are playing the hero vs the co-creator and any shifts you might want to make in the roles you play in peoples lives.