Good morning,


I felt called to tell you this today. Power. Sometimes we don’t feel we have any. Or we feel we lost it. We feel we don’t have control. Im here to tell you we have more power than we think. Our power lies in our every day choices we make. Who we let into our world. Who we confide things to. Who we bring on to our team. Who we collaborate creatively with. Who we choose as our friends. Who we choose as our coaches. What amount we decide to pay them. What standards we hold for them. Who we take on as clients. How much we go out of our way for our clients. Who we introduce our clients to. What people we recommend to others. What our boundaries are. How we decide we want people to treat us. How we react when people cross our boundaries or trigger us. It all lies in the every day choices we make. If you aren’t happy with the something you have the power to shift it by deciding a new choice. Our power also lies in our stories we tell ourselves every day. Stories about our worth, that we only deserve to get paid x amount because we have only x experience. That we are only worthy of clients that need us on x level. That we can only receive x amount of money or opportunities because we have only worked hard for x years. Scarcity mindset: That we NEED x person to do Y task vs abundance mindset, there is plenty of people to complete Y task and if X can’t do it, ABCDEF person can! We set that standards of how people treat us.
What choices can you start to make to create shifts in your life?
Stories to implement:
Success is my story.
I am worthy of getting paid
I’m worthy for just being born
I work and call in the best in all aspects of my life
I attract soul mate clients

​Take back your power. It all starts with one action step and mindset shift at a time.