Dear friends,

Self respect and self love is a powerful thing. If anyone ever speaks to you like this please do not spend energy or time speaking to them. Life is precious and it is not worth your time and energy worrying about someone who simply is just rude. 😉

If any of you feel like this person does, please feel free to unsubscribe from this list!

For all I love to do is put out good energy and if anyone is not cool with that then we are not a perfect match. 😉

and that is totally cool and I wish anyone that feels this way the best!

This is what I say, 90% of my emails are about helping other so if you feel that strongly about this please just leave my list haha but seriously..bye felicia!

Dear dude,

Sorry you are so miserable on 2/2/22 that you had to spend time emailing me to stop emailing you when you could simply click unsubscribe. 😉

Lots of love! Not everyone is for us and that is okay. 2022 is all about self love so if you are like nah positive vibes and good energy is not my cup of tea, its all good wish you the best!

For I am here for the people that want me.