​I feel inspired to share this message with you. 😀

Over the past few weeks I have been so challenged to try things out of my comfort zone when it comes to being an artist. I have been getting really pushed to my limits like trying to topline. I have tried to write over 10 songs of toplining melodies. But then I started teaming up with people who topline and this comes soooo easily to them. My thing is lyrics. Everyone has their own thing. My point is, we do not have to be perfect. As artists we are so told to be perfect. Have the perfect social media numbers, be an incredible performer, sell lots of music, have perfect merch, be an incredible in the studio, be amazing topliner, lyricist, play all instruments blah blah blah. I am here to tell you IT IS SAFE TO NOT BE PERFECT. Drop the perfection act and play to your strengths. Team up with people who are good at what comes hard to you! This whole pretending to be perfect thing is super exhausting and I much rather see you THRIVE. It is safe to not be perfect. It is same to have weaknesses. It is safe to ask for help and admit you need guidance on something. We are human and divine but not perfect! Forgive yourself for what is not the best skills and find poeple who are amazing with those things you struggle with. You will feel so much better. Here is a video message about this: F$%K PERFECTION

Also try to be less harsh on you. Love yourself more, forgive yourself more. Your imperfection is a beautiful thing! It is okay to not have a great day, month, week. Do what you gotta do. Self love! Be kind to yourself.