I just received a message from one of my clients who booked their first session with me last week. He had shared with me he had made more money ever since our call last weekend! I also saw one of my client/friends the other day and she had told me a similar thing. Since our last session when I taught her about the energetics of money she had also received a ton of more opportunities and money since our last call. When it comes to the energetics of money I can teach about it for days! But am feeling the vibes of productivity today so here are some basics to get you started that you can start applying today in your life.

5 Tips For Receiving More Money

1. Know your worth. You see, if you undervalue yourself and settle you will receive just that, average in different parts of your life. Knowing your worth means having major self respect. Turning down opportunities or invites when they don’t feel good to you and having prices that make you feel good. After-all if you do not feel confident/safe/good telling people your prices, why would others feel good about paying you? It all starts with your MINDSET.

2.Understand the law of what you give you will receive. What you put out you will get back and how you treat others will reflect how people will treat you. Say you are holding on to money fiercely as if you would never receive money again. Holding on in fear and in a lack mindset. Thinking, “OMG what if I don’t get anymore?! I can’t spend more money! I must hold onto this!” When you think like this you attract clients/fans/people/friends etc who also will reflect this onto you. For example, if you feel anxiety when you spend money or pay for something and almost want to take it back right away, you will attract clients/fans/ etc who will do the same. Start paying attention to what people do in your life when it comes to paying you etc and that will be a clear indicator of your own relationships with money. Look at everyone in your life like a complete mirror.

3.Start doing whatever possible you can do at this time to FEEL GOOD. Why? Because when you feel good you are able to attract things at a higher vibration. Meaning better opportunities, people, jobs, careers, relationships and on. You want money so bad and you are feeling really stressed? That is going keep you stuck in a cycle of lack and will not help you bring more money into your life. The better you feel the more money you will naturally attract into your life, try it and watch what happens! Get out of the victim mentality and the play games. Trust me that will only keep you in a vicious cycle of lack of money. When was the last time you did something that made you feel good/ happy/pleasure/inner peace etc? Get on it!

4.Get clear on what amount of money you would like to receive. Do you want $5 every day? Do you want to bring in $5,000 extra dollars weekly? Do you want to become a multimillionaire? What do YOU want? It seems like a simple question but many of us actually have been trained /programmed to only think we know what we want but that is actually what others want for us not what YOU actually DESIRE. Some of us have alot of shame and guilt around wanting more money because others might not have it so we feel this, poor everyone else, how can I get this if others have lack. The secret is if you think you want something but deep down in your core/subconscious you actually do not there is going to be a mismatch of your energy and therefore you will not be able to call it into your life. Common reasons are subconscious fear or indecisiveness or confusion and sometimes people are actually not sure what they want vs what society actually wants for them. So really sit down with your inner thoughts and feel into it. Place your hand on your heart and say to yourself, ” Self, what do I actually want? Do I want to be super rich or am I actually terrified if I am super rich all my friends will take advantage of me or I will some how lose that money etc..” The deeper you know yourself, the more clear you know what you want the stronger energy you will hold to bring it to you.

5. Gratitude is a huge key for receiving more! When you are grateful you step into the energy of gratitude and then you will receive SO MUCH MORE. If you are over here having a pity party and wondering where is money and why isn’t it more a part of your life, ask yourself this. When was the last time you gave thanks to money? When was the last time you wrote down a list of things you are grateful for? Even when the last time you showed appreciation to the people in your life that go out of their way to help you in any and all capacities? When you really sit back and think about it, you will realize how much you do have and so if you want more money start being grateful and write out a small list of 5-10 things you are grateful for. It could be a simple as as the sun, or that new job promotion or for your amazing friends and even having the chance to record and write your last single.

Okay, so that you understand a tini bit about the energetics of money how can I now help you take it all the way? Here is the thing, whether you are an artist/producer or any creative professional at the end of the day you are running your own business. Now, energetics are one small part but so is aligned pricing, sales skills, ability to monetize everything you are doing, having a strong social media presence that makes it super clear who you are, who you serve and what you do, having strong call to actions, having great give aways to attract new clients and of course the whole mindset and getting out of your own way/ identifying and letting go fo fears, having the right products and services and more are all important aspects of running a business. So, if you feel called to talk more about your goals and making money this month with what you love to do along with expanding/ growing your audience and brand I invite you to book your first money making strategy call with me. I charge $100 an hour. After one session you can decide if you want to continue working with me or take what I taught you and fly solo! Either way I am inviting you to step up to the plate and take a chance on yourself,

Let me be your business coach and help you go all the way!

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PS if talking about manifesting/mindset/self growth turns you off I understand and respect you! Hit me up and tell me and I`ll add you to NO MANIFESTING list. 😉