​I am feeling to challenge you today to call in an extra $1000 today into your life!

Up for the challenge? Here are the directions:

Step 1 Go get a blank check and write out $1000 on it , make the check out to yourself and write the services you want to get paid for if it’s a gift etc you can write. Example singing services, songwriting services, marketing services, production services etc, gift from family member etc

Step 2, Go into a google or excell sheet and make a list or write in a notebook of what things you DESIRE that you can spend the money on. Here is a hint, money loves FUN not WORK so even though it will be tempting to write out house supplies, rent etc, think of what lights you up that you WANT to buy, example, that new production software, laptop, camera, Bali trip, book, course etc, something you want

Step 3, Write a letter saying how grateful you are to the universe, God/source. your guides whatever that you got to purchase that item and how you are feeling, write a day in the life of you.

Step 4. Carry that check in your wallet or hang it somewhere and look at it every day

Step 5, let it go, act as if you already know its coming or its on its way and then just have more fun! Fun attracts money.

Let me know what happens if you do this challenge!