​Quick email here..

Thank you everyone who submitted me songs recently. I am so happy you are so passionate about these kinds of opportunities. I just wanted to say, when I give you a deadline or I tell you something is closed, I am sticking to that. Sometimes it is a timing thing. Sometimes it is using my intuition. Either way, several of you emailed me and texted me asking if I can still submit your song. Sometimes with pitches I only am limited to a few songs and with this last commercial it was 3 max. If I went to the person I am pitching and sent more it would be disrespecting the boundaries of the sync agent and I would risk making them upset. Doing this would not help any of us. My goal is to build great relationships with everyone so that it will benefit all of you.

Now, I found 3 great songs and went with what I felt would make the sense. At that point it didn’t makes sense to spend more time or energy finding other songs. I need mutual respect from everyone. If I tell you something is closed please do not email me asking me to still send it or asking me to send your song anyway. This is my boundary. No means no. I don’t have the mental strength to argue or fight with you on this or have to explain my reasoning when I want to do something. I am just asking you to respect my decision and when I say something is closed. I also noticed some of you texted me about it, unless we are good friends and hanged outside of work, please only email me about it. My exception is if you are a paying client or a great friend of mine that I talk to on a weekly basis, this is my boundary. If we don’t know each other super well I rather you email me about business inquiries. Again, I am not trying to come off mean or scary or intense in anyway. I am just sticking to what I am saying and asking you to please respect that. I would greatly appreciate it. I have had alot of issues with boundaries in the past, because I didn’t create that. But recently, I have realized how important they are for all of us to create. The more boundaries the more respect the more we all can protect our mental energy.

For those who continue who ask me to change my mind in the future and don’t listen when I tell you no, might be risking being removed from this list. This email list is sacred to me. I spend alot of time and energy finding the right opportunities and I am only getting paid if something happens to get placed. This means I am spending hours of time to try to help you all and so when I tell you no, I just need you to listen.

This is not to come off like a mean person, it is more I am protecting my mental energy and can’t waste my mental energy explaining to people why no means no. Boundaries in general are really important to establish with all different people in our lives. Again, if we are good friends and hang out outside of work, texting about opportunities is okay but if I barely know you, and you never have hired my company for anything, I much rather you email me. I only can give so much energy towards people and things.

Thanks so much for understanding. I hope I was not coming off as mean or harsh in anyway. I am a pretty laid back human but I just had to speak my peace. Thanks for reading this and hopefully this inspires you to create more boundaries in your own life.