Good morning,

​This will probably be the most random thought email because I am a bit tired but I feel so energized to share the following info with you so my intention is for this email to really inspire you!

​Happy New Moon Day. I am typing this email to you all the way from good ol PA because I can not sleep and here for my sisters Wedding this weekend! I woke up at 5:40 am and my mind is like go send out this email. Yesterday at like 6 am I came up with all of these ways for fans to support me as an artist and I feel it is important to share with you so you can communicate ways your fans can help support you too! After all our fans are everything.

​First, lets go over some magic ways to help you during this new moon.

​Okay, if you want more money, start talking to money, simple. Why?! Because money is a form of energy not just a physical material. Everything has an energy and money is no different. Trust me I learned from millionaire coaches. When you understand the laws of energetics you start being able to become magic. As an experiment just for fun I invite you to say the words, ” money I am ready to have fun with you, lets do this”. If you decide to try this please let me know and I might share it on my IG story. So, I did this a few days ago. That day one of my clients purchased my course and I saw one of my fans purchased my single on Bandcamp Unapologetic for $15. About 10 other things wins happened the same day. I was like okay, this is the key!

Second law, gratitude will bring you more of whatever you are grateful for. Start practicing gratitude even for just waking up. The more you practice gratitude and the more excited you get the more you will attract more of whatever you are grateful for, get it?

Lastly, and this is probably most important, detach from the outcome. Ask and then detach. If you hold on to something and try to control the outcome then you create resistance around it and then it is harder to manifest. So you gotta say okay I want X but I do not care if X comes into my life either way and just go about your life! If you feel OMG I NEED THIS to happen or I will not be happy then you are in the LACK vibration not the ABUNDANCE vibration, big difference.

There is so much more but here are 3 things to get you started.

Okay next, here is a list of over 30 ways your fans can help support you. Feel free to use any of these or all of them and reword them since I worded it as me. But please if you do post it on fb or IG or your email list please tag me at @musicindustrymastery that is all I ask!

Over 30 Ways To Support Indie Artists:

✅ Engage with my social media content! Like, love, comment, save and share

✅ Stream every song I release

✅ Share on your stories about my songs and tag me

✅ Invite your friends to follow me on socials

✅ Join my Dani Felt Music Mailing List

✅ Add me to your Spotify or Apple Playlists or YouTube playlists

✅ Subscribe to my YouTube channel

✅ Comment, and like and hit the bell on any my YouTube videos

✅ Follow my artist Spotify Account

✅ Presave all my songs I release

✅ Purchase my songs on my bandcamp for any amount

✅ Buy my merch on my website

✅ Attend any live shows or writers rounds I do

✅ Attend all my release parties

✅ Watch and or share any interviews I do

✅ Post a cover on social media of one of my songs and tag me

✅ Purchase a license so you can cover and legally release covers of my songs

✅ Pay me to license my songs in any of your YouTube content

✅ License my song for a movie, tv show , micro license or game

✅ Co-write a song with me

✅ Venmo, cash app or PayPal me for any amount

✅ Create fan art! If I like it I will share it

✅ Purchase tickets for any paid live stream events I do

✅ If I ever launch a Patreon become a Patron

✅ If I ever launch a Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign support me

✅ Share my content with your mailing list

✅ If your a producer or artist feature me on one of your tracks

✅ Hire me to write a custom song or for vocal session work

✅ Make me a brand influencer for your products

✅When you hear my music in a tv show or movie Shazam it!

✅ Add me to your Bandsintown list!

✅ Invite me to be an artist on your artist app

✅ Sponsor me (mic companies and guitar companies)

✅ Invite me to do an interview or IG Live

✅ Wear my merch and take photos in it

✅ If your an artist invite me to do a show with you. I have no problem being an opener!

✅ Randomly suggest your friends to check out my music

✅Create IG Reels and select my songs to be in the content!

If you can explain to your fans what to do it will make it easier for them to know how to pay/ support you and your dreams!

Also, I want to remind you that you still have 11 more days to buy my Mindset Mastery or Network Like a Boss Course for only $44 each or $75 for both. If you want either venmo me at Danielle-Felt or paypal at

Also do not forget about Heathers sync course for $88

And if you are looking for a one on one coach apply here to work with me. I am a business coach that will help you make more money as well as build your audience and brand but I am into the woo woo stuff too and so I am looking more for clients who are open minded about it because when you combine all the knowledge I have in both words energetics and branding/business it creates what potent result for people!

Here is a link to show you all the ways we can work together: Work with Dani or her team

I am so excited I should be receiving the next cut for our show today. Yesterday was magic too. I am in PA this week for my sisters wedding and I got my hair cut by my family’s clients place and one of the hair cutter people happen to be in a rock band LOL. And his brother happens to work in film in NY. He event old me that someone he knew is married to the president of Columbia Records and they were supposed to show his music to them a while ago. He told me send him the pilot once it is done and he will show his brother. He even watched my intro and smiled! I could see my show inspired him and it felt so good!

One more win I will share with you is that this week I heard back from a guy who invested into a major musical called Waitress and he read my script for our musical and he wants to hear demos next. So I am having my writer Zac who we made the musical about his album, years ago come up with different parts and then I will need a few singers to demo the songs. So if you love to sing and can pull off demo singing let me know.

It is funny because so many things have happened the exact same time since I stepped foot in PA. It is like when you show up for something important the universe is like okay cool you are doing your thing so while you are doing your thing we are going to help you times 100x. Like literally 10 things in one day I am like WOW so grateful. But I thought in Nashville only things happen right?! But then I go home and then 10 things happen the same week in the past few days all related to everything I have been working on its like boom boom boom boom boom, thank you Universe! It is also like when you are not focused on something you have less resistance on it and therefore it comes in faster. Like when you are not focused on selling something or making money or getting something done because your mind is on other things then magically people come to you and are like let me pay you!

Okay last thing I will share with you. I thought to myself, damn, I LOVE this song by this famous band in the UK that my friend introduced me to their music called Nothing But Thieves and I thought omg I desire their song in my tv show. I thought to myself okay they are signed to Sony but let me just email their management for fun. Turns out when I researched their management I found out that the owners of the management company also used to work with developing bands including New Found Glory, Something Corporate (Andrew McMahon), Steel Train (Jack Antonoff), Dashboard Confessional, The Starting Line, hellogoodbye, The Early November, Senses Fail, and Finch. So if anything, now they will know my name even if I get rejected and they say no. But then again why would they say no if anything they will just take a while to get back to me or say they need to see the pilot first etc, maybe even one of them could be a judge like who knows right? So my point of sharing this with you is no matter how big someone is you wont know until you try to reach out. So last night I casually asked them how much it would cost to license one of their songs in my tv show. I explained to them we are not sure which platform it will be on or who is producing it but just was curious nonexclusively how much and I also offered them to show them the pilot when its done and told them its a music competition show that is it. I share this to encourage you to reach BIG reach HIGHER like , reach out to that manager you always wanted to work with or that artist you love that you want to collab with or feature , like do it, like whynot? Like you have nothing to lose unless you do not try then you will never know okay?! So my challenge for you is to think of someone you want to work with and go reach out to them! Tell me what happens!

If you guys need any lyric videos we are now taking on clients for November so just let me know. You can see our video exampels here: Lyric Videos

These are only $100 so one of the cheapest ways to work with me.

But seriously if you copy paste that list please tag me at: or fb at :

Okay last thing I will share in this email. Get creative on ways to get attention on social media for your music. For example when I got my hair cut I decided to turn it into a social media campaign and created a reel showing a before and after and synced my song Unapologetic in the reel so I could cross promote my name and then tagged my writers and tagged the hair salon. Therefore it was a win win. Reels you are not paying money out of pocket to sync your music to content so why not take advantage of that and use your own songs to sync to content you create? You can check out the mini promo I created here to give you ideas:

Okay last thing for real. If you are an artist and need help with Spotify please keep my team in mind. I am doing a 100k stream campaign right now only pitching to real playlists. and you can see results so far here:

So if you need help with Spotify or have songs you want PR for let me know! Would love to help you.

Have a fabulous new moon day!