Yay – you’ve reached the page where you finally take ACTION!

I have carefully crafted each and every one of these packages for your highest growth, benefit and value. 

I’ve even listed them out in order of the journey you’re set to take as an artist… 

Step 1: Complete my Signature Program (Curate Your Mindset + Build Unshakeable Confidence)

Step 2: Plan the Release of Your Album (You’re guided step by step with one-on-one mentorship and support)

Step 3: Break Through With Brilliant Branding (Because we all know artists need this…)

Step 4: Promote Your Album / Single Release (I’ve built two tiers of promotion based on your level and goals)

Step 5: Take It All The Way to the Top (with my Creme de la Creme Transformation Program)

I guarantee you won’t find these kinds of offerings anywhere else. Each one is filled with massive LOVE, support, and of course… exceptional results. 

Take a look through your options and then let’s book a complimentary call – I will help you dig deeper and connect into which program is best for you!

Step 1: Artist Plugin Program (APP)

My signature program – enough said!

I’ve got a whole page dedicated to it if you’d like to read more.

My team and I have put together the perfect ARTIST TOOLKIT to help you drive your career to new heights. Whether you have experience or you are just getting started, this course (and the fellowship included) will empower your potential!

Transform your mindset and music career… this one’s a no-brainer.

Step 2: The Ultimate Album Release Plan


Includes 6 hours of session calls with Bram Bessoff, Artist Developer & Live Music Producer, plus 1 Intro Call with myself (they call me the Music Marketing Expert!)

Bram is the founder & president of Indiehitmaker, an artist development company that helps artists build their momentum through release planning, digital marketing and live music production.

Session 1: Getting Started & What to Expect
We’ll chat and get clear on all of your goals and expectations so you can get the most out of this package!

Session 2: Kickoff Session
Understand the four fundamentals for a successful release including vision, audience, goals and budget.

Session 3: Vision and Definition
Define your artistic vision and solidify your brand!

Session 4: Knowing Your Audience
Find your true audience – those who will buy into your vision and become your super fans.

Session 5: Set the Budget & Goals
Aligning your budget to your goals assures your plan will be successful.

Session 6: Assemble Your All-Star Team
Match yourself with the right team members to accomplish your goals within your budget.

Session 7: Build Your Momentum
Craft your live show and execute your plan so you capture & engage fans both online and onstage!

One time payment of $900

Two payments of $480

Step 3: Break Through With Brilliant Branding

Every artist needs branding, it’s part of the journey… and if you haven’t done this yet, I’m so glad you found me first! After years of consulting, I have packaged together what I believe is TRULY IMPORTANT for an artist to have put together before new content is released.

  • 60-Minute Welcome & Onboarding Call with Dani
  • 60-Minute Call with Celebrity Stylist
    • Receive Your Own Brand Style Guide
  • Artist Logo Design
  • Business Card Design
  • Instagram Brand Design for Text and Quotes
  • Newsletter Header Design
  • Social Media Banners
  • Digital Album or Single Release Artwork
  • Professional Artist Bio (Mini + Official)
  • Official Press Release
  • 5 Sheet Electronic Press Kit (EPK)


Popular Add-ons: Custom Lyric Video, 2-Hour Photo Package (Studios & Location-based shoots available in LA, Nashville, NY, PA, NJ, and more locations coming), Physical Album Artwork Printing (Jacket Sleeves, Booklets, etc.)

Step 4A: Starter Promotional Campaign

Get yourself seen and heard through the noise. Our Starter Promo Campaign is the perfect place to begin – at a price that can’t be beat.

This Campaign spans over 3 months and includes:

  • Welcome & Onboarding Call with Dani
  • Instagram Growth for 3 Months
  • Spotify Playlist Campaign (playlists totaling 350,000 followers for 30 days)
  • 50 PR Submissions
    • Submit for placement in music blogs
    • Submit for performances and interviews on TV Talk Shows
  • Feature in RL Magazine
  • RL Radio Show Promos


Popular Add-ons: College Radio Campaign, FM Full Radio Campaign, Facebook & Instagram Advertising Campaign, Song Feedback from Record Labels

Step 4B: Premier Promotional Campaign

Get yourself seen and heard by the majors. If you’re ready to take it to the next level with your marketing, we’ve got you covered. This package is for those who want it all… and trust that they can have it. 

This Campaign spans over 3 months and includes:

  • Full PR Campaign ($6500 value alone!)
  • Instagram Major Growth Campaign
  • Spotify Playlist Campaign (playlists totaling 1,000,000 followersyes, 1 million – for 30 days)
  • Music Video Promotion to 5 Channels (Select 5: Music Choice, Stringray, Revolt, Fuse, MTV, BET, CMT, Etc) + Select 8 Retail DJ Pools (Clubcom, In Store Sports Network, Xtenda Mix, VJ Pro, RX Music, Promo Only, Screen Play, Mood, Play Network, Smash Vision) 
  • Music Video featured on RL Recordings TV
  • Feature in RL Magazine
  • RL Radio Show Promotion
  • Full Press Release
  • Chart Qualification


Popular Add-ons: College Radio Campaign, FM Full Radio Campaign, Facebook & Instagram Advertising Campaign, Song Feedback from Record Labels



You guys – I’m so excited for this one!

My newest, most robust package offers:

  • Music + Mindset – Cultivate & Carry Out Your Overall Vision!
  • Music Mentorship – Work One-on-One With the Experts!
  • Spiritual Development and Healing – Literally Transform Your Life!


Music Mentorship: Work One-on-One With the Experts

Yes… I mean the experts.

Like heads of record labels, A&R teams, celebrity stylists, vocal coaches, and more. 

With this package, once you’ve completed everything I even submit you to a record label!



  • Welcome & Onboarding Call with Dani


      • Guarantee of Record Label Submission once Package is Complete


  • Music Business Consulting
  • Sync Licensing Consulting
  • Sponsorship Consulting


    • College + Booking + Showcase + Touring Consulting (3 Sessions)
    • Spotify + Streaming Platforms Consulting (5 Sessions)
      • Session 1 – Spotify Basics
      • Session 2 – Best practices for streaming Success
      • Session 3 – Spotify Analytics
      • Session 4 – Spotify Artist Profile Audit
      • Session 5 – Spotify Playlist Placements
    • Voice Lessons with “Find Your Voice” Celebrity Coach Jourdan (3 sessions)
      • Learn “The Secret” to sing whatever song you want, no matter the range or key
      • Discover new tricks and techniques so you never lose your voice again and can stay strong while on tour
      • Personalized vocal exercises
      • Sessions are recorded and sent for replay


  • Radio Consulting


    • Instagram Consulting (4 Sessions)
      • Session 1: Overview
      • Session 2: Content Strategy
      • Session 3: Optimization
      • Session 4: Growth and Engagement


  • Business Cards + Branding Consulting


      • Receive a Custom Style Guide 


  • Celebrity Stylist Consulting


    • Receive a Custom Style Guide 

Spiritual Development & Breakthrough Healing

Meet Jourdan and Gabby, my own personal healers! With their amazing energy, coaching, and healing techniques, I’m proud to say they have helped me grow and become the woman I am today with my business and my life. 


(Photo of Jourdan) (Photo of Gabby)

I’m a huge believer in promoting and supporting small business (along with sharing what has worked for me!) so I am including their services in my top package. 

Trust me… after working with these two your entire life will be upleveled like you’ve never known before.

This part of the package includes:


  • Hypnotherapy & Distance Reiki Energy Healing Sessions with Jourdan


    • 12 Sessions (60 minutes each)
    • Mix and match between Hypnotherapy and Energy Work
    • First Session is 120 minutes
      • Includes Onboarding & “Plan of Healing Blueprint”


  • Past Life Regression / Life Between Lives Session with Jourdan


    • A 4 Hour Spiritual Journey that will change your life forever
    • Release and heal past life traumas that have been holding you back from success in this lifetime
    • Connect directly with your Higher Power, Guides, and Angels
  • EFT Tapping & Coaching with Jourdan


    • “EFT” Stands for Emotional Freedom Technique
    • 3 Sessions

Each session is completely customized to your needs and goals. 

Upon completion, you will have personal access to a full toolbox of spiritual healing modalities, helping you to move through, up and out of a negative funk at any place and any time.

Here’s just a few examples of what you can choose to work on:


  • Heal Past Traumas in the Music Industry
  • Overcome Fear of Performing on Stage
  • Overcome Social Anxiety
  • Overcome Fear of Singing
  • Overcome Fear of Public Speaking
  • Overcome Fear of Being on Video
  • Overcome Stage Fright
  • Attract Abundance
  • Set Goals and Stick to Them
  • Overcome Perfectionism
  • Release Addiction
  • Overcome Self-Sabotage
  • Let Go of Jealousy
  • Self-Love and Acceptance
  • Build Confidence
  • Gain Clarity and Insight on Your Mission
  • Connect and Have a Conversation with your Higher Self
  • Find Your True Passion
  • Activate & Increase Joy
  • Peace of Mind


  • 6 Hours of Psychic Sessions with Gabby
  • Meditation: Healing Light Language – open up your scroll codes built on frequency for your personal vibration and discover what you need most



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