New Haven, CT (August ___, 2019) – EZ Bluez has released his debut EP, “I’ve Got Issues,” a jam-heavy alternative rock triumph packed with gloss and grit. The 5 song EP is the first release from the solo artist project of Dustin Sclafani, whose intimate songs metamorphosed in the studio with the help of his full band to achieve the sprawling sound heard on every song across the album. The EP is out now on Alotronic Records, which Sclafani co-founded.

Album opener “Hustler’s Anthem” kicks everything off with a lighthearted, grooving backbeat that serves as the ideal bedrock for Sclafani’s deep, gravelly voice. “Never Said” blasts into the stratosphere with crunching guitars, distorted vocals and sweltering guitar solos, while closing track “Where Were You?” is the lone acoustic guitar ballad, but reaches a tipping point and explodes with cinematic string arrangements and lush backing vocals. All in all, the EP points to Sclafani’s fascination with alternative rock bands of the 1990s like Pearl Jam and The Pixies, and boasts a towering sound courtesy of Sclafani’s towering vocal performance and his collaboration with producer (who produced this?).

The New Haven-based singer-songwriter grew up with a single mother who raised him on music. After learning to play her old nylon string guitar, Sclafani got his start playing in a slew of bands across Connecticut and Long Island including Little Johnny, Times Hand, and the Suck it Easy Band, before giving it all up to join the Army after the collapse of his marriage and the death of his mother. In moments of weakness between exhausting bootcamps and deafening shouts from drill sergeants, Sclafani found his alter ego EZ, a side of himself he didn’t know he had that gave him the strength to persevere. Desperate to get his life back together and hungry to return to the stage with his newfound fearlessness, EZ resolved that his homecoming after the military would also mark a brand new chapter in his musical life. “I’ve Got Issues” marks the first of many musical releases to come from EZ Blues.


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