Sync Pitch Subscription

Does this sound like you?

You are an artist, composer, producer or songwriter and feel you have AMAZING songs perfect for sync.You have built a catalogue. Your songs are tagged.Your contracts are in place but you have no idea the next step and how to get your foot in the door.

The problem: Sync is super competitive and without the right connections and resources it can be challenging and frustrating to say the least.

The solution: Music Industry Mastery Sync Subscription, lets be best friends! Want to hang out with us all the time? and high level support? Ask questions whenever you want? Sync training and more?

We are different from the typical company.We like to do things different. We love experimental, standing out from the crowd and innovate the norms.

How does sync typically work?

Most of the time artists work with agencies and the agencies then take a commission anywhere from 20% to 50% per placement, depending on the agency.

How we are different from sync agencies?

We are NOT a sync agency. 

Pitching for sync requires a ton of time, resources, relationships and hard work. We only have a limited amount of time in our day which is why we only desire to work with artists who are serious and willing to invest in themselves because they see the value in our time.  Our sync pitching team is tiny and we can only handle so many clients in a given month.

Is placements guaranteed?

With sync you can never guarantee anything just like hiring a PR campaign. We can only promise to do our best. At the end of the day this comes down to trust, do you feel we are a good fit for your music and what you are looking to do.

What does working with our team look like?

We offer multiple tier options with multiple payment options depending how much support you desire.

What does MIM’S Sync Subscription include?

  • Access to our partners online sync course covered by us for every month you have your subscription with us
  • Optional weekly calls for support
  • Contract templates
  • Access to a FB group for the course to build relationships and get access to briefs
  • Setting up your account on different sync platforms
  • Research and pitch your songs to agencies, supervisors, music editors and more

Get in touch with our team to setup a call today at to see what is the right package for you.

What are price ranges? 

Everything is monthly. Prices range from lowest $600 per month for one month in our lowest tier to $2300 per month for our highest tier for one month. This is a premium service and like we mentioned if you rather go to a sync agency that is totally fine! This is for the artists who love on one one attention and support. Who want our undivided support and attention to help focus on them to get their music placed. We take 0 commission so you keep 100% of profit. If we pitch you to an agency then they will take a % depending on the agency, but our team takes 0 commission.

How many songs are included to be pitched? 

You are not limited to the amount of songs we can pitch. Certain songs will work better for certain briefs but the more options the better.

More about our team’s history in sync:

  •  Pitched a band that got asked to be in a music library about 2 days ago
  • Pitched some artists to write for a film coming out on amazon or Netflix sometime this year and Dani also got to sing and write it herself
  • Pitched clients song to a supervisor and it got placed on The Hype on HBO Max
  • Pitched songs last year to a sync agent and some of them got selected for indie films
  • Pitched her clients music to a sync agent and it got on the Nancy Drew Show
  • Got music on a tv show called Influencers on OTT platform
  • Pitched a composer to have music featured on a OTT Show called Cafe Con Leche
  • Hosted Sync Nights last year on zoom where she held paid ticketed events to have artists play their music in front of supervisors. Through doing this she has built relationships with some supervisors but does not pitch to them often. 
  •  In the new Eyes of Tammy Faye Documentary – song placed: Give a Hug
  •  Song “Boom Boom” was placed on a Rebook Commercial 
  • In the film ‘The Last Tourist’ song placed: Wander
  • Multiple song placements in Hallmark holiday movies including instrumental versions

Okay cool, I read everything and feel your a great fit for my music and my goals. How do we get started?

We will only take on clients we believe in so send us your music to 5-10 songs is good.

Lets make magic!

Dani + Sync Team