​Yes, 2 emails in one day but I felt this was an important message to share. 🙂


I wanted to share with you that I got rejected today from something I really wanted. I want to talk to you about this because I want you to know that rejection is a common part of being in this music world and it might hurt my feelings but at the same time I believe that everything happens for a reason and if something is meant for us it will be for us. Of course I will reapply next year. But I just share this with you because well, rejection is a part of being an artist/producer/working in this industry in general. And I want you to know, no many how many doors get slammed in your face, you will be okay! And I want you encourage you to keep going no matter what. Keep trying, keep putting yourself out there, keep applying to every opportunity your heart desires. Whats meant for you will align for you. Maybe someone else needed the membership more and that is okay. Sure, my ego might be like how dare they not choose me? ( you know what I mean, our ego can be a bit wild) but my soul is like, it is okay and what is meant for me will be for me. And never let an opportunity determine your worthiness. You are worthy for just being born. Never think that if you do not get into X opportunity, label, management company that you are less worthy than peer X in your community of music friends. So I just share this story with you to encourage you and to let you know, you got this and do not be so hard on yourself when you do not always a hear a yes in this fun music world. Keep going, keep going, keep going, keep going, keep going and keep going. You are talented, and an amazing human. The world needs your music no matter what. We need your creativity, inspiration, voice etc. Hope this message serves as a way to empower and inspire you to keep going!