Hello friends!

I feel called to send this out so you can understand a bit more about me.

If you want to be my friend this is a good guide! Honestly, I encourage you to do this with people in your life so they understand you better. Communication is everything.

The friendship guide with Dani:

Biggest ways to show you care about me:

  1. Say thank you, appreciation goes a long way!
  2. Reach out to me just to say hi without asking for anything
  3. Compliment me! I love compliments!
  4. Tell me I am doing a great job with whatever you are hiring me for
  5. Like or engage with my social media posts, stories, reels etc
  6. Invite me to hang out to see a show, attend an event, etc
  7. Listen when I am speaking to you and ask questions if you do not understand something

Biggest triggers:

  1. When someone ignores a question or message
  2. When someone is super negative
  3. When someone starts complaining
  4. When someone tells me they will do something then does not or any broken promises
  5. When someone says one thing then changes their mind
  6. When someone asks me who I know and to introduce everyone I know to them..no

If you want to communicate with me about something:

  1. Tell me when something is bothering you or if you felt I crossed a boundary because otherwise I will not know
  2. Be very specific when you want me to do something, meetings, tasks etc, otherwise I will have a million questions in my head
  3. You will notice I tend to be alot quieter with groups then people one on one so if you want to hear me speak alot, meet with me zoom or in person one on one

Communication method preferences:

  1. Text! But do not text me 24/7! I get annoyed easily if I feel someone is wasting my time just because their bored
  2. You can also call me but please do not call me super early because I will most likely want that time to meditate
  3. Please do not call me if you are looking to be a potential client, book a call for this.

Fastest ways to win points with me:

  1. Be really talented at something
  2. Be really driven
  3. Be a optimistic person
  4. Send good vibes to others
  5. Be kind
  6. Introduce me to other people!

Fastest ways to be blocked:

  1. Make inappropriate comments
  2. Ask me about sending you m0ney
  3. Ask me about buyin promotional services
  4. Leave multiple comments on one post
  5. Message me multiple messages multiple times a day that have 0 point, such as sending me weird GIFS