Today I woke up at 5 am with thoughts about a specific recent situation I have went through and it has inspired me to write a blog post email about this so it can help you as you run your business as a creative or a business.

Now thhis situation has bothered me so much subconsciously that I literally have woke up at 5 am with it on my mind. So much so that I started wrtiing a draft text to the assistant of this business owner to speak my mind. The other day I was at a business and had the most jarring experience with a business owner. Now, I will not say who because at this point in the conversation it is not important. The important part is that I experienced what it is like to be a client for a non empathetic business owner and it freaking hurts emotionally, spiritually, mentally etc. When you are a business owner, pretty much anyone is that does anything related to making money, there is a certain skill that is required in order to make you a better business owner and that is empathy and caring about your clients. Now, I understand not everyone is the most sensitive or shows emotions but there has to be a balance. If you come off as cold, harsh, insensitive or like you do not care what soever you are going to turn clients off and they are never going to want to work with you again. Be kind to humans. Treat them like gold. These humans are your fans, clients and they do not want to be treated like just a number. At the end of the day we all need to eat but we can still do that with mutual respect for the people that are hiring us for any and all services that includes fans who buy your merchandise or stream your music. Also pretend that every human you know that you interact with especially your clients knows at-least thousand people so they can make or break your business. To make sure to treat them all like VIP in your book!

So in life when we are triggered by something it is usually a mirror. That is why it bothers us so much, because it reminds us of something we do not want to look at or face about ourselves. So I asked myself, have I ever treated someone like they are just a number? Have I ever lacked empathy when dealing with clients? Where in my life can I show more empathy or sensitivity to others? Maybe I come off like I do not care and only care about making money, and if that is the case, if I ever come off like that I sincerely apologize. Because I truly do care and would never want anyone to feel like I felt working with this specific business, basically on the verge of tears! Saying to myself, wow they do not even care about me, no empathy, just a number to them. And that is not okay. We all deserve to be treated like gold. So next time you work with clients please remember to be sensitive to them, be kind, treat them like gold and practice empathy. This is so important and you never know how one person like a super fan can help elevate your business to the next level. It can be easy to take people for granted not intentioanlly, but even that fan that always comments on your page, your like oh yeah that annoying person, really try to view everyone with respect and love.