Good evening,

​I believe everything happens for a reason. This week I was asking for a sign about if I should push back the filming of my music video. My gut was telling me maybe I need to be open to pushing it back. But like many of us, my ego and soul were battling. My ego “ I already planned this out.. blah blah blah. Yet, my video guy kept asking me Dani, do we need to push this back? My ego was like let’s do it anyway, even though I heard in my head loud as day push the video shoot back. I was stubborn and didn’t listen… I was determined, even if it was to go against my gut instincts. We have a gut instinct for a reason it’s to protect us, to guide us. When we choose to listen to our souls we are led! When we choose to only let our ego lead we play small, we don’t usually make the right choices and we limit ourselves. So anyway.. I’m sitting there and finally get to hear the song. Yesssss! I think to myself, maybe I’m meant to do this video at the end of March after all. I listen to it on my headphones. Then, I decide it might be good to hear it also on my laptop. I look up and long story short my computer..well.. you know the rest. I found myself with my laptop starting to smoke up! I was like HOLY S&4#! The battery had exploded! Thank GOD, it stopped smoking eventually when I put it outside on our balcony porch cement. But WOW. Talk about a wake up call! When you are a workaholic, always on your computer, always sending emails and then your computer burns up infront of you, WOW. I mean, after all, I did ask for a sign right?

I asked myself what does this sign mean? Well you bet, I pushed the video back. Okay I surrender! I said to the universe. Okay! I hear you! You can’t rush great art. You can’t just speed up through things. Great things take time. Slowing down is important. Living with intention is important. Living with gratitude is important. Appreciating the people in your life is important. Paying attention when things are working or not working. Which clients expand you and which make you contract? You can ask the same for your team, your producers, marketing people, cowriters etc. Which people in your life are sucking your energy and which expand you? Not having a laptop for 3 days has forced me to slow down, to reflect, to start to recalibrate and help me be more present and really start to pay attention. Be intentional with who you give your energy. But today, thank GOD, I manifested a new latop! YAY MANIFESTING!!! Yay being able to connect with you again through this newsletter! However, this was a powerful lesson, a very powerful lesson. Gosh, not having a laptop gave me real time to think and reflect on things. Like, why am I sending sooooooooooo many emails out to you all? I get it. I have ALOT to say but still. We all only have so much time and energy and resources etc. So less email frequency is coming, I can hear some of you cheering! Boundaries is so important to establish as well. I get I haven`t set alot of ground rules in place for this list and hence part of the issue. I get so many of you want answers especially about SYNC. But look, I do this for a living. I am a professional and I simply do not have the time to go and answer everyones questions indvidually. This is why I have consulting sessions available, where you can ask me any questions you fathom. 🙂

Like I said before, I am going to be reviewing all the music you all had sent me through disco. I will focus on pitching the songs I feel are strongest for specific opportunities. I will use this email list for now on to update you more about events. I will do my best to notify you if I am pitching your music to an opportunity. If you email me questions, please do not expect a fast response or possibly no response depending on your question. If I really need an answer for something I will happily contact you.

Remember, life is all about intention. What intentions do you want to set out? How intentional are you being in your own life? Everything from what food you choose to eat, to who you spend your time with, who you hire on your team to serve your music or business to the words you say daily, words you write daily, conversations you have, what messages you listen to, what messages in the music you listen to and beyond. The mroe intentional. you become in your life the more power you have in your life and the more life will start to be a fun adventure! Have a beautiful weekend and thank you for reading this!