I feel inspired to share this with you…

​Keep in mind the universe always has your back. If you have a client who is awful to work with and they find an excuse to ask for a refund, let them go. If you have a friend who is toxic who drives you insane and gets in a fight with you, let them go. If you have someone who you hired and it is not working out, let it go. Though I was recently kicked off someones list, honestly it was meant to be. The universe has our back and will shift things to make room for bigger and better and greater things more in alignment with us. So the next time you get ready to curse out the world because xyz didn’t work out, remember its just the ways universe bringing room for bigger and better things for you. 🙂 Learn to let things go and make room for the new! And remember to pay close attention to how people make you feel, that is the key! If it stresses you out to be around them or talk to them, let them go, fire them, move on! If they make you feel inspired or expanded, you know that is a good person to have in your corner!

I share more about this in my podcast episode 2 which I`ll send you a link to check out on Friday.