​Today has been a great day. However, I have been spending hours trying to figure out one thing for one sync placement for a low budget film. I am going to share this story with you so you learn from others.

​Last night I put out an email blast for a movie they needed a song for. I received some great submissions. One person sent a a song on an artist behalf but included ZERO META DATA OR CONTACT INFO. This is a huge problem. The song was great. Now most people would just say next to the song because there was no info about who the songwriter was, email, contact, zero info. Me being the person that I am really loved the song and decided to go out of my way to help them. So how did I problem solve this? I looked up the person who sent me the emails name on Facebook and sent them a message, luckily they answered. The person that sent the email was a producer who had none of the songwriters info only thought he was trying to help. Please only pitch songs you have all the info for. I finally got hold of the artist from him . The artist did not have login info to their BMI account so therefore could not fill out the agreement to even pitch the song. The supervisor asked me to send an agreement and return asap so that was my goal. This was alot of work. I had to reach out to the manager to try and find this info. Please when you pitch always make sure you include your metadata in the mp3 so when you upload it it uploads right to disco. Please only submit songs through my disco link not mp3s in my email. If the supervisor ends up wanting to use the song then I`ll need a wav but mp3 is fine to just send me for pitching. If I receive anymore songs without contact info and meta data I am just going to delete them in my inbox. Please do not take this personal, just understand this takes alot of time and energy and I am doing my best to help you all so please make it easy for me to help you get paid. I am not going to spend another day chasing someone to find their contact info or meta data. Please learn from this story. If I send you an opportunity, need you on your A -Game. That means have access to being able to log into your PROS, make sure your songs are registered, make sure your contact info is in the meta data along with the PRO, songwriter info, publishing company info, date released, date registered etc. I am looking to help you guys make it easy for me. If you send me a song with 0 contact info or meta data, it is just going to be not be looked over. Please learn from this and make sure you are easy to reach. 🙂