We all make mistakes,

​But, ask yourself was it really a “mistake” or a lesson? You see, in life, we are given many opportunities to make decisions. That is the power of free will. Every single decision we make will create a different outcome. For example, if you decide to go food shopping at 8 am, maybe you end up meeting this new client in your career there. Now, if you were to go grocery shopping at 9 am maybe you end up meeting your next collaborator. Life is that magical, and every choice creates a new path. It is up to us to select which path we would like to go down. That being said, I do believe the universe plays a huge role in our decision making. For example, if someone has really bad intentions, I personally believe the universe will step in and try to stop you from meeting/working with or connecting with that person. Have you also ever noticed that when you try to force something or push someone to do something or try to manipulate a situation to get your way it usually backfires? And so we do have free will but I also believe there is divine timing for everything. I believe we can’t really force things or we will recieve a ton of pushback. But the most incredible thing in life is that for every path we take that costs us a “mistake” we also receive a lesson from it. And so you can think there is no real such thing as failure, only a way to realize what you want and do not want. So, if you choose to start looking at life like a game, it will make it one giant adventure. You see, it is not so much about the destination but the journey, obstacles, characters, and learning lessons that make life such a fascinating venture! Now along with being in the game of life comes the magic of being at the right time and the right place. Now you might ask yourself, how does one get to this place? After all life is not just about strategy but about energy. And so when you ask me, Dani, how does one get into a place to bring so much amazing people, opportunities, and pure magic in their life? My answer I would tell you is “well my friend, being in alignment is the key. ”

So what does being in alignment actually mean? When we think of life as a game, we can think of being in alignment as having cheat codes for the game. It will make it way easier and a smoother process. We can either go with the flow or we can create resistance and push against the universe. Because we have free will, we have the freedom to make choices even if they are not in alignment with us. And one way or the other we will learn lessons from our choices. But when you are ready to get into alignment, that is when you will start seeing some magical results. If you ever look at someone and say, damn why is that artist having so much more success than me, or wow that author is taking off or damn that video went viral for that person on Tiktok, how did they do that? Part of the answer to that is because they were in alignment. So what is alignment exactly? When I define alignment I basically mean that you are bringing into your life the right people, money, opportunities and so on that are a vibrational energetic match to your energy. I am sure you are wondering, “In english please, Dani.?!”

Okay, so basically this means you attract people into your life that are a match to you energetically. Think of this like matching keys and locks. If you are in a low vibrational energetic state of mind you will attract people that probably are angry, selfish, rude, disrespectful, complaining, really sad etc. If you are in a high energetic state of mine you will attract people that are happy, giving, supportive and on and on. 🙂 This will be the same for every opportunity, collaborator, work circumstance and on. So my point is, if you want to speed up your success 10x, start consciously, every day, stepping more and more into better feeling emotions. The more happier you are, the more you will attract happy people and opportunities that match that. Start thinking about what people you surround yourself with that are in alignment with you and what you want in life. If you find yourself around many people in low emotional states constantly, chances are you will find yourself being in the same. We are who we surround ourselves with so really think about who you want to surround yourself with in all aspects of your life.

Now that being said speaking of alignment I just launched my second episode of my podcast all about this topic. I speak about the power of who you surround yourself with and how that effects your entire life. I invite you to check it out here:

Dani Abundance Podcast Episode 2 Alignment. I would love to share my podcast with you to serve as a daily dose of inspiration for your Friday! It will amplify your energy and empower you to start taking more intentional action in your life. 🙂 Please note due to some technical difficulties it wouldn’t not let me edit this episode on the parts I messed so please do not judge that 😀 If anything use it to show yourself life is not about being perfect. In this case, I am so passionate about getting this message out there that I said, let the world see my mistakes, it will still help you!

If you choose to listen to this podcast please email me your favorite part and what you learned from it!

To your best weekend yet!


Dani Felt