​If you are feeling down or in a bad mood, try dancing! When we move our bodies we raise our vibration. In other words we will start to feel better. We shift the energy. Create movement and watch magic happen. Other ways are resting, taking a walk, meditating and on. But moving our bodies is a big key for creating shifts. The more shifts we can create the more we can move the energy from stagnant to flowing to overflow! It is the simple changes or rituals or habbits we can bring into our life that can make all the impact. Listen to your body. What it is saying? Is it saying its tired? Then rest. If it is saying overactive then try waking a walk. If it is saying go call that person to ask about that opportuntiy then do it. But let your body lead not your mind. We can get stuck in our mind over and over and over and over. Our thoughts can repeat a multitude of times. The same thought, the same old stories and the same old beliefs. If you want to shift this start to create new habbits in your life. Move somethings around. Try a new place to eat. Try a new path to walk somewhere. Switch things up. Get rid of old things in your room, reorganize things, give away clothes you no longer want. Buy a new instrument, spend less energy with people who bring you down and spend more energy with people who hold space for you to be your best version of yourself. Find the love within yourself. Find the inner happiness and inner peace within yourself. Follow your bliss. Do what makes you happy and the money will follow. Start to feel with your body vs chase with your mind. It will make all the difference. When you start to see life is a journey not a race. It is not about the finish line, it is not about getting just X amount of grammys. Life is an adventure! Life is about experiencing all of it. Life is about the magic in the small things! Appreciate the small things and more magic will come into your life. Hold gratitude just for waking up today. Hold gratitude for the friendships in your life. Start a gratitude journal. Write down a few things every day your grateful for. Start a possibilty journal where you write out 10 things that would be fun it if it happened! It all starts with the small things, small shifts. What small things can you start incorporating into your life to create shifts? And if you want to feel inspired go watch my new dance video all about stepping into your power on my instagram: and www.instagram.comdanifeltsroom