Good morning,

​I know you have big dreams and big visions for yourself and I totally believe you can do anything. However, sometimes it just takes some adjustments and tweaks to get where we want to go. Here is a list of top ten things that can stop you from achieving your dreams. I also added one as a bonus one.

  1. Self doubt
  2. Lack of self worth
  3. Perfectionism
  4. Information overload
  5. Competition over collaboration
  6. Lack of the right relationships
  7. Ego
  8. Indecisiveness
  9. Fear
  10. People pleasing
  11. Lack of direction

How to move past any or all of these blocks:

  1. Read books on it
  2. Watch YouTube videos
  3. Google it
  4. Ask friends in Facebook groups
  5. Buy online courses
  6. Hire a coach

What is the value of working with a coach to help you achieve your goals?

  1. Keeps you accountable
  2. Builds your confidence
  3. Helps you get clear on your vision
  4. Helps you develop strategies and a plan
  5. Helps you create your brand
  6. Helps you develop and price your offers
  7. Helps you figure out your audience
  8. Utilizes relationships to help you move further faster
  9. Full support for you and your big dreams

I am sure you are wondering, what exactly do you do Dani? How can you help me achieve my dreams faster?

First I help you get clear on what you actually want. Some artists do not want to tour (in the future), they want to be a demo singer, or write only for sync. Some artists just want to be locally famous, others want to be world famous and open for top 40 artists. Some producers want a few clients at high rates, other producers rather create a online course and have volume of clients. So first I help you identify your goals and your hearts desires.

Second, depending on which goal you want to achieve we look at your overall brand. But Dani, why is branding so important, can’t people just hear the music and fall in love with who I am not just my Instagram photos? Look, I get it [FIRST NAME GOES HERE], you just want to wave a wand and magically have your dream clients buying your merch, and attending your live stream shows. But in order to attract those ideal people you need to have a strong brand.This is why getting clear on your brand is so important and also creating that aestehtic to draw the right people to you. For examples of good branding check out my music instagram at:

Another thing that is important is figuring out your audience. Your messaging of your content will depend on who you want to attract to your social media. For example, if you want to sell guitar lessons online and your target audience is children, then you are primarily speaking the language of parents and the passion of helping your kids find their passion or dreams. Now if you are talking to people in their 30s about guitar lessons that would be a whole different messaging. So I help you get clear on your audience.

Next, we go over your offers, what exactly are you selling? The minute you step into being an artist or producer you are also an entreprenuer. You are your own business. We go over what are your offers, what are your prices and how are you going to attract those dream superfans or clients to you. This could be anything from building Patreon Packages, to merch bundles to selling courses.

Finally is strategy, and a plan. What action steps do you need to take in order to get those results? Is it submitting your music to 100 music libarieis until you hear a yes? Is it making a list of potential management companies you want to work with and creating an email template to reach out. Is it building your content like your EPK, Video performances, photo shoots, animated music videos (my team do this too).

And we can not forget including my network to help you. The biggest benefit of working with me besides feeling like you can do anything, is my relationships I have built over the years and my ability to connect you to others you want to connect with. Want to meet more songwriters to collab with? Done. Want me to submit your music to a sync agency, once your a client, sure! Want me to submit your music to my publishing partner who is looking for new music? Done. Want me to introduce you to consultants who can do one off sessions with you to teach you about publishing or get feedback from producers who have worked with high level clients? Done. You get the picture. 🙂

What has building relationships for years helped me acheive thus far?

  • One of my sync agency contacts got a clients song I submitted to him placed for a client in the Nancy Drew show on CW recently.
  • I have been able to be featured on many podcasts to share my message due to my constant hustle of reaching out
  • I got one of my clients an opportunity to compose for a online tv show
  • A music supervisor reached out to me for music and placed two of my clients music in a movie last year
  • I hosted a music blog which featured over 300 people and turned it into a book. In that book we got to interview people like Lou Founder of ReverbNation, Benji Rogers ex CEO of Pledgemusic, Poo Bear, a producer that works with Justin Beiber often, ex VP of Sesac , Trevor Gale and more
  • I went to NAMM and met the right manager for one of my clients who submitted his music to a label in seconds
  • I submitted another client to a manger and he picked her up
  • I got the opportunity to cowrite for an artists song due to my relationship with the producer

One is my biggest secret to success? The ability to be clear on my vision, believe in myself, build relationships and take action steps towards my dreams.

If you have huge vision and dream for yourself but would like some direction or action steps then I invite you to jump on a 30 minute free strategy call with me here:

Or, if you simply want help with promotion, my team can help with that too.

Either way, I am here to help you achieve your dreams.

Remember, you can do anything, it just takes one step at a time.

Warm Regards,

Dani Felt