​Today is 11/11 one of the most powerful days to manifest aka bring into your life what you want.

​Close your eyes and visualize your biggest dreams coming true. What would it look like? Who would be next to you? Is it you standing at an acceptance speech for a grammy? Is it live shows coming back in the future? Is it getting your song in that movie? Is it finding that perfect team to work with? Write it down. Make a list of what you want. Just start visualziing every day on it. Now start taking action steps towards it. Write out how you would feel when this happens. Write out how you are feeling in the present now that this has happened. Go into detail. Future journal. Imagine that amount of money coming into your bank account. What would you do with it? Make a list of things you would buy and how you would spend it. Would you buy new guitars or mics? Would you give to your family? Would you buy friends a expensive holiday gift? What you use it to higher high end marketing or production teams? Ask yourself what do you want? Now go for it!

​Keep dreaming. Keep taking action. Keep visualizing.

​What do you want? Claim it. Own it. Ask the universe for it. Co-Create it. Thank the universe/ God/ for it coming into your life. Get into the feeling of having it.

​Step into your magic powers!

​Warm Regards,