I was doing such intense Emotional Freedom Technique last night with myself and had a major self discovery. For those of you who do not know what EFT is. EFT is a stress reduction technique that will help you unblock subconscious limited beliefs and get to the root of what is triggering you emotionally. For example if someone makes you made in line in the supermarket it is usually nothing to do with THEM it has to do with YOU. When we get triggered, aka if we have emotions come up of anxiety, fear, sadness, frustration, anger, hopelessness it usually has to do with US not the people triggering us.

I invite you to look deep within, why is this person triggering me? What is the root of this? It usually goes back to childhood, the stories you learned from past experiences or thoughts or stories our family or friends tells us. You are who you surround yourself with. So anyway, I was doing EFT and working out an issue on when people do not pay me, it bothers me so much and I always take it SO PERSONAL. And then as I was tapping I came to the conclusion that since I grew up learning to prioritize business and success, money and accomplishments I realized that when people pay me I feel LOVE and so when people do not pay me I feel like they do not LOVE ME. That is CRAZY and a LIMITED BELIEF. Limiting beliefs are stories and beliefs in our subconscious mind that we think is true but it is NOT true. As artists we are BUSINESS OWNERS and I feel like sometimes we take things super personal. If someone does not listen to our music, we take it personal like OMG we suck, or maybe my music is not good enough, maybe they do not care about me at all, I thought they are my friend, why arent they streaming my song like 100 times a day? They didn’t share my new video, they must be upset with me, etc etc etc.. Just know, just because someone does not DO something for you does not mean they DO NOT LOVE YOU OR NOT CARE ABOUT YOU. So try not to take things SO Personal. and the same thing with purchasing from you.

Understand that everyone has their own lives, busy with their own things and it is okay they are prioritizing them over you, try not to take it so personal. YOU ARE WORTHY FOR JUST BEING HERE, for being ALIVE. Just because you have not won a grammy yet does not mean you are not worthy. Just because you dont have 100k followers on instagram does not mean you are not worthy. Everyone has their own journey and their own lessons and experiences. You are here for your own personal journey and experiences, try to stop comparing yourself to others. And try to not take things so personal, I know that can be difficult! But just try. The last realization I got to share with you is just because you want to be happy or put yourself first does not make you a bad person or mean person or evil person or selfish. When we fill our own cup, when we rise we can help others. It is okay to prioritize your wellbeing and happiness over everything else. Be selfish. Self love is a powerful thing. If you do not want to do something then DO NOT DO IT. If you are doing something just to make someone else happy that is no good either. Do things YOU WANT TO DO. IT IS OKAY TO BE HAPPY.

I invite you to think about your limiting beliefs you carry around that are not serving you. Time to sever ties with them and replace them with new stories. 🙂